California Dreamin~

Sunday is dog day afternoon in Moro Bay California in winter time!

Squirrels come from all across America for their annual beach convention in Cambria California.

Peli can cage fish from the fishermen,
and is on the lookout for handouts.
Vain egret keeps her feathers looking lovely.


Oystercatcher snoozes in the sun,

while pied billed grebe scouts the sea for supper.
Winter sunset sends you cheers from Oxnard California~

223 thoughts on “California Dreamin~

  1. Cindy, your posts always lift my spirits – I can feel the freedom of such beauty in nature and animal life. The birds are stunning, down to the patina of their feathers. And as for the dog in the car…well the sunglasses says it all! 😀😃

    1. Ah, thank you so much Annika. I literally stepped in front of that man in the car, put my hand out like a policeman to stop him, and took the photo. It was too great to pass up!

  2. I hope to some day see a pelican up close – I was astonished to learn that they live in Northern Ontario – and that they stand taller than me – and I’m 5″10″!

    If I haven’t said so before, or even if I have – it bears repeating – you take amazing photos. Thank you!

    1. You are very thoughtful and your kind words are most appreciated! II hope you do see a pelican soon. They are fascinating birds, but don’t be disappointed if they aren’t that tall! 🦆

  3. Oh Cindy, the dogs wearing sun glasses…… too funny. If you could see the winter chaos up here. Nice to be able to drive around in a convertible with the hood down.

  4. Great representation of the birds in the area Cindy! The pelican and egret really looked like they meant to strike a pose. And the Oystercatcher is one I’m not all that familiar with – that stunning, orange beak and matching rim around the eyes! Love all the photos here. 🙂

  5. Fantastic photos! But, I am soooooooooooooo jealous. We used to come to CA every year to visit our son. But he moved to Cambodia several years ago to teach orphans born HIV positive. I am very proud of him and love his photos and personality sketches of his students. Buuuuut, selfish little old lady me………..I do so miss our visits to sunny California. Thanks though for triggering all the good memories. 🙂

    1. Your son sounds awesome! You can visit him in gorgeous Cambodia of course, and who says you can’t come a callin in Cali on you own? In all the places pictured people are very friendly and you will have a wonderful time. In Moro Bay, I was taking photos of distant otters in the channel when this man came up to me and said, “Are you trying to take photos of the otters?”
      I said yes, and he told of a much better place with mom’s and babies.
      Friendly people who will chat you up! <3

  6. What a fun and playful post to balance all the serious rantings on news and social media. Thank you Cindy. Seeing DeBorah’s CA Dreaming video reminded me of the Beach Boys Surfin’ Safari. Crazy Cool SoCal. XD

  7. Okay, you have some special way of becoming invisible, right?! Elsewise how do you get such amazing close ups of birds. And they even pose for you! So I gues it’s a mojo that also renders you invisible whilst at the same time turns you into a bird whisperer!!! Yeppers, that just gotta be it!!! Ya know I’ve run out of words like fabulous, beautiful, gorgeous, and such so maybe I should just create an acronym with all of the first letters and use that EVERY TIME you post something!!! Love and hugs, 🙂 <3

    1. Awwww, wonderful friends like you are why I love blogging so much Natalie! Your positive outlook and encouragement of others is contagious in all the best ways. I am a lucky blogger to have made friends like you! <3

        1. I love to photograph snow & ice. I am fascinated by the beauty of icicles. My favorite place on the planet hands down is Antarctica and we are going deep into the polar north in September, so I hear you. I seek out snow!

  8. Great birds shots, as usual. Moro Bay was the site of my first encounter with the ocean after abandoning the Midwest some 40 years ago, and a silhouette shot I got that day still stands out in my memory.

    1. And the Beach Boys too! Of course you have a couple of good magicians across the pond don’t you! Laughing, so many incredible rock musicians from Britain it boggles the mind. I watched Led Zeppelin get Kennedy Center honors and Heart do a version of Stairway that brought Robert Plant, and me to tears. Such beauty~

  9. Morro Bay and its beautiful rock dates all of the way back to my childhood memories, Cindy. I can still be taken back in time when I travel there. My fav, the Peli headshot although the guy with his passenger dog is a close second. 🙂 –Curt

    1. I know, it’s the combo of the dog, the car and the guy! Laughing. My first road trip as a kid was up the coast of Cali from La Jolla, so I relate to your memories. We may have started at opposite ends though!

    1. Plus they are precision divers! I spent an entire day in the Caribbean watching a flock fish. They hit the water at 90 degree angles at high speed and came out every time with a fish!

  10. The pictures of the local wildlife and the little snippets that come with them were adorable! And I’m sure the dog in that convertible must be living the high life 😉

  11. Lovely images, especially nice to see the Grebe shot – I’ve never been able to get close enough to a Grebe here in Melbourne to get a decent shot.

    1. I have one other grebe shot that I should find. I remember that shot well because my camera ran out of battery power as soon as I found the grebe so I could only get one click!

  12. You got me with the dog with sunglasses photo…and the pelicans…then a beauty of an egret. Wow! You are living a wonderful journey in life. <3

  13. The Cali dog is so cool! Love all the photos here. Peli and birds are so beautiful! It must be a good year for them with all the rain. 🙂 Thank you for the post, Cindy!

    1. Finally we have rain and boy do we have bunches of it! Huge storm is approaching us now and is already in Ventura county. It is packing walloping winds and tons of rain! Cheers to you Amy & happy weekend my friend! <3

  14. Beautiful, crystal-clear, sharp photos, Cindy. I love the one dog and his/her human out for a Sunday drive in the hot car!

    Nice evening photo of Oxnard, too. I always associate Oxnard with the old TV show “The Rockford Files”, starring the late James Garner. Jim Rockford’s father was always going up to Oxnard to look at a truck. 🙂

    1. I watched that show but I didn’t remember the Oxnard connection. Oxnard is a terrible name for a very pretty place with lots of homes with boats on canals that connect with the sea. Thank you for your thoughtful comments Lavinia & happy weekend~

  15. I liked this post with the critters coming out to welcome the changing weather, as well as the warmth from the sun.
    I love posts with birds in them! Hope you are doing well, dear Cindy! <3 🙂

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