California Dreamin~

Sunday is dog day afternoon in Moro Bay California in winter time!

Squirrels come from all across America for their annual beach convention in Cambria California.

Peli can cage fish from the fishermen,
and is on the lookout for handouts.
Vain egret keeps her feathers looking lovely.


Oystercatcher snoozes in the sun,

while pied billed grebe scouts the sea for supper.
Winter sunset sends you cheers from Oxnard California~

223 thoughts on “California Dreamin~

  1. The Cali dog is so cool! Love all the photos here. Peli and birds are so beautiful! It must be a good year for them with all the rain. 🙂 Thank you for the post, Cindy!


  2. Beautiful, crystal-clear, sharp photos, Cindy. I love the one dog and his/her human out for a Sunday drive in the hot car!

    Nice evening photo of Oxnard, too. I always associate Oxnard with the old TV show “The Rockford Files”, starring the late James Garner. Jim Rockford’s father was always going up to Oxnard to look at a truck. 🙂


    • I watched that show but I didn’t remember the Oxnard connection. Oxnard is a terrible name for a very pretty place with lots of homes with boats on canals that connect with the sea. Thank you for your thoughtful comments Lavinia & happy weekend~

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  3. I liked this post with the critters coming out to welcome the changing weather, as well as the warmth from the sun.
    I love posts with birds in them! Hope you are doing well, dear Cindy! ❤ 🙂


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