M n M’s~

Look who dropped by The Holler today, M n M’s, Mother Nature’s Maids!
They keep things clean around here,

but don’t like me coming near.
They open their wings to seem imposing,
while Holler trash they are busy disposing!
Good birds, they keep the sunflower field tidy.
Yep, we have sunflowers in December!
The birds & the bees love em.
I couldn’t just leave you with photos of vultures could I?
Cheers to you from The Holler Housekeepers and some December sun~

209 thoughts on “M n M’s~

  1. Excellent photos. You must have one of those cameras that can capture details from afar. To be honest I would not want to get too near those birds because they might think of me as Lunch or Dinner!! LOL!!

    Also when I first saw the title I was thinking about my brother Stephen’s favorite candy M&Ms!! LOL!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

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  3. Gee, Cindy, I knew one day I’d check over here and find your lovely Owls gone, but replaced with Vultures? Yikes!! I suppose they’re necessary creatures, but they’re just not as impressive as my beloved Owls! And thanks for the sunflowers — ours are long gone!

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  4. Hey Cindy– it’s incredible that your photos seem to be so distinct and close up to those amazing vultures! –and love the sunflowers. When we lived in southern Spain the hills were covered with them April through June! glorious! hugs!

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  5. Wow! Beautiful shots as usual Cindy! I am jealous of you having sunflowers in December as we have snow on the ground today πŸ™‚
    I especially love the shot of the birds with their wings open!

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  6. Cindy, years ago I saw these giant birds with red heads in high treetops in Connecticut. Since I had no idea what they were, I called the tribal natural resources director and she said they were vultures. I cannot forget how scary they looked – a whole flock of them.

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  7. I want to walk along the sunflower field ~ I love the bright yellow petals!! (OH and M&Ms are yummy chocolates here so at first when I saw the blog title I thought it would be pictures of them.. hehe!) ❀


  8. I know Mother Nature loves all her children, but the vulture sure is a homely fellow, isn’t he? I saw my first one last year in Florida and was shocked by his ugliness. Poor dear. The sunflowers are gorgeous. In December? Amazing.


  9. My one and only sunflower is long gone and its seeds are now under the snow, Cuz. Just had a bit of winter pass through here, and another blast is on its way for this weekend. Are those Turkey Vultures? As to your previous question, I’d have to answer that in a less public forum. Hugs….. πŸ™‚


  10. M n Ms HuH? I prefer those little creature picker uppers that clean the sidewalks, back walks, and around my cat food dishes….i call them possums; Patty’O, Harry’O, and Blossom Opossum. Gotz me plenty of their clan. AND i have pansies in December so Nah Nah Cindy. ~~dru~~


  11. I remember at one time quite disliking vultures but as I grew older I came to appreciate them and the job they do…great photos πŸ™‚


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