Observant owls prefer to watch,

and not be seen.
At twilight we sing, muted duets.
They swoop close, ruffling my hair.

Letting me know they see me clearly,

as I go slowly blind in the deepening dusk.
Cheers to you from the all seeing owls~

230 thoughts on “Owled~

    • Sono contento che sono considerati fortunati in Italia! Intelligenti Italiani! Alcune persone non amano i gufi, ma io sono molto contento che si fa Annalisa & Saluti a voi il mio amico~ πŸ¦‰πŸ¦‰


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    • That’s amazing that you saw a snowy owl. I hope to see one next year but honestly πŸ¦‰πŸ¦‰ are the most elusive birds to really see. We have nesting pairs of great horned owls at The Holler, and they sit on our chimney at night and in our oak trees and we have serenades. But in terms of really seeing owls clearly, maybe four or five times in my life.


  2. Cindy:
    You have some remarkably close and clear photos. Very nice work.
    Nicely arranged blogsite as well.
    I manage a blog for our Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society chapter; take a look if you get a chance. It’s very different than yours, but still (almost) always about birds and birding.
    If you especially like owls, you might be interested in this posting about owls in the bible:

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    • I am now following your blog! Gorgeous and extensive catalogue and photos of so many species! Most impressive. We need some Audobon members at The Holler. I can’t keep track of all the species. I do know our county has more species of bird than any other in North America, and since The Holler is mostly unoccupied and rural we get so much variety. Very pleased to meet you & will enjoy following your blog~


  3. At the top of my wish list is to see an owl in the wild, and of course, if I am very blessed to snap its photo. Beautiful shots. In college at the bio station where I worked, someone brought in an abandoned baby saw-whet owl for us to find a home. Since then they have held a very special place in my heart.


    • I feel the same way about πŸ¦‰πŸ¦‰ as you do. I see them so infrequently even though they live at The Holler and call to each other from our roof and trees almost every night. I can see their silhouette’s at night. I have probably actully seen owls clearly five times in my life. They are so elusive. I can’t find their nests. Caring for a baby owl must have been fascinating. I assumed more people saw them more regularly than I do. My husband said he saw barn owls a lot growing up in Iowa.


      • Maybe Santa will bring me a photo op with an owl for Christmas. We voted to not care for the baby owl (more than the day we oohed and ahhed over him). He was taken to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo (Syracuse NY) where they care for baby animals. He was quite pleased when they fed him his bird of prey supper.


    • Okay this is the best thing EVER! But now I am seriously worried. I played it for our owls just now who are hooting about and they have NO CLUE how to singa about a sky for blue or a tea for two, or how to singa! My owls are jazz regressed. We need to call this guy over to:

      jazz ’em up FAST!!!


  4. I love owls! Fascinating! One of my favorite activities I used to do with my students was dissecting owl pellets. They were enthralled and grossed out! It was awesome!


    • I took a scatolgy class in college. I loved it, except for the gathering of samples which I wasn’t so keen on, but it was fascinating detective work, similar to following animal tracks to determine behavior. You should have seen the profs lab! He had more at home too! Laughing…..


  5. I love owls, Cindy. My grandies like their fuzzy feathers and the commercial where the male owl doesn’t listen to the female one cracks me up, Cindy! πŸ˜€
    Your photographs are fabulous! xo


    • Oh yes we know each other well and I am huge fan. We almost met up when I was in his neck of the woods recently but I didn’t have enough time. I plan to though, next time I am in Tofino. He’s a great person and an amazing photographer~


  6. I love owls. I love their solitude and watchfulness…my kitchen is filled with owls (not live ones but dishes, silver ones, feathered ones – friends and family have showered me with books of owls and scarves and notepads…..


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