Rocky Relationships~

are particularly hard,
subject to extreme ups and downs,
making you feel perpetually unsafe,
like you might, at any minute,
fall off a cliff.
People often wonder,
why be in such a relationship?
They may not share the love of the challenge, the discipline, the risk.

Cheers to you from beautiful Utah and the remarkable rock-hounds who choose to defy gravity & win~

257 thoughts on “Rocky Relationships~

  1. I did some of this when I was young. I have memories of a climb that I have no idea how I survived. I look at these photos and have a visceral reaction which I can’t quite name. Terror might be the word I’m looking for, but of course when we’re young we’re invincible and just do stuff without even thinking. But still . . . . Don and I plan to go parasailing next week 🙂

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    • Parasailing is nice because when you fall, you fall in WATER!!! Your viseral reaction sounds post traumatic and I can see why. Part of your brain was probably flashing danger you which have remained. Thankfully, I can’t remember most of the dangerous stuff I did when I was young, probably because I was a chicken and their weren’t any, or because there were too many to count!!!
      You and I are still risk-takers to some degree, look at our life styles! But at least now the risks are more reasonable.

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  2. Great article! Fortunately, my love plays music… and I love all of the high & flat notes.
    Thank G he doesn’t climb rocks. … Well, okay he climbs music rocks.. and roll … and jazz and blues..and I love you, Cindy!

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  3. Don’t know whether to say they’re crazily brave or bravely crazy. Either way I’d never even dream of climbing a sheer face like that…, unless there was one really big net below me. Great pics, Cindy. Pleasant day to you & yours tomorrow. 🙂

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  5. Wow, I’m envious of those people who can do that.. I’m not so good with heights 😉 I love how you liken the climbing to relationships – I’ll stay clear of rocky territory! GREAT photos xx


  6. Wow, Cindy! Quite the photos. Very creative how you intertwined words concerning rocky relationships with the images and then ended the descent with a pool of serenity. Actually, I tried scrolling quickly down the images and it felt like I was falling into the water. Interesting! Amazing post! ❤

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  7. Bonjour CINDY houlà l’escalade dur dur

    Nous voici bientôt au mois de décembre et à l’approche de Noël

    Mois d’amour et de gaité

    Entre nous , soyons dans la paix et l’amitié

    Ce mois de décembre doit-être plus beau que celui de 2015

    Pour moi

    Mes amies amis vous êtes des anges

    Des anges de l’amitié

    Un peu pardon et de partage afin tout le monde soit heureux

    Mes amies amis au cours de cette année qui vas s’écouler

    Vous m’avez donné du temps en venant faire un passage sur mon blog par vos écris

    Merci à tous bon Week-End

    Bisous , BERNARD

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    • Bonjour Bernard! La saison de Noel est presque ici. Je vous souhaite a vous et a votre famille une joyeuse fete! J’attends avec impatience une autre annee de blogging avec vous! Merci et bravo a vous!


    • I can only imagine, but I suspect they do it for the discipline and the challenge. They control their emotions or they couldn’t climb, which is really impressive and useful I would imagine in their lives~


  8. I like the juxtaposition of the words with the beautiful photographs, all though observing those photos I would say that instead of rocky relationships is …..a damn scary one! Who are these nuts that decide to climb those things….. it´s beautiful seeing them but I´m not to sure about the climbing part.


    • They seem to be brave, disciplined, methodical, and love the mental and physical challenge. It’s a form of extreme sport, it just unfolds slowly and requires patience and problem solving. I would never do it, but I find it fascinating.


        • Some are. A fair number of bloggers who are retired technical climbers have weighed in here in the comments, and they are living without the adrenaline, possibly more happily than the norm. It would be an interesting study to see if climbers are more or less happy than the norm after retiring from climbing. If I had to bet, I would guess they are more happy than the norm, because of their discipline. perserverance and full life living. These traits may well benefit them all their life long~

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  9. Been a long time since I climbed rocks, but I still remember how it felt. I’m awfully glad I did it. I’m not sure if I’d want pictures from it… but yours are beautiful.


  10. Some people need to fall to feel alive. Ever been skydiving? There you don’t even have a cliff to cling to or a rope to belay. Not to belabor the point. I still remember the sensation of falling, and I yearn for it. But I’m not throwing myself out of any more aircraft to get there. 🙂


  11. BonjourCINDY

    Dans un cadre chaleureux
    L’Amitié est une maison
    Accueillante et agréable
    Il suffit d’ouvrir la porte de son cœur
    Pour offrir le meilleur de soi-même
    Je te souhaite une bonne journée

    Une belle semaine

    Gros bisous

    Une rose d’amitié à t’offrir



  12. Wow these are really great photos 👏🏼 I think in every relationship has their are some rocky moments but you have to support and guide each other through it kind of like rock climbing!


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