Nature’s Soul~

Some humans relax in natural places,
and are less content in human spaces.
While other’s thrive in the social whirl,
a nature’s soul will find depth of meaning,
far from the thrum of a human being.
Nature’s souls go to wild spaces,
for it is here they find their sacred places.
Cheers to you from a nature’s soul~

343 thoughts on “Nature’s Soul~

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  2. Arches National Park has always been one of my favorites in the United States for its ability to reflect light and shadow in such incredible ways. Also perhaps because it gives those of us who like to “relax in natural spaces” scope to do so. 🙂 You have captured its essence beautifully!

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  3. Cindy, I love your photos. Are you using a digital camera? A few years ago I went to Colorado to volunteer on a dig and your photos of Arches National Park reminded me of Colorado so much I had to look the park up to find out where it was. Such beautiful countryside and you’ve captured it perfectly. I was only in Utah a few hours checking out a site people can tour but the scenery in the 4 corners states struck a chord with me. (I am a big Ansel Adams fan so that clinched it for me.) Thanks for sharing your amazing photos.

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    • Thank you for such thoughtful and kind comments. The red rock country is unique, amazing and quite spiritual. I keep going back and it sounds like you may want to also! I use a digital camera, a sony hx400. I keep waiting for the 500 but it looks like sony may stop the line which would be sad for me.

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  4. Cindy, I need your help. Since we are only using photos in the newsletter and not the text, Nature’s Soul doesn’t work well. I’ve been thinking of something like The Magnificent Utah Canyonlands but I don’t know what is best. Then it occurred to me I could ask you! What would be a good title for the Utah photos?

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