Land of Light & Shadow~

All creatures here,
chase the light,

which has such a small window of existence,
that when you catch it,
it has already changed.
Shadow is ever present here,
defining the light.
Cheers to you from the land of light and shadow~

183 thoughts on “Land of Light & Shadow~

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  2. Tho I have never been to Monument Valley, I have seen and admired a zillion pix of it. Yours is the best I can remember. The whole post has wonderful integration of images and text.

  3. What grandeur! Your land of light and shadows, the shapes of the cliffs, and movement in every rock mountain–so astounding. Thanks so much Cindy, for these great photos. I really like starting and ending with the fierce raptor; and the fifth photograph, with miniature humans, adds great perspective in so many ways.

  4. The pictures are amazing. They are such a contrast to the dark skies and rain that we have experienced for the past few days! Thank you for a great post.

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  6. Great memories of two days at Monument Valley. We parked our camper with the view of the Mittens. In the morning, with sunrise, we walked around the formation.

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