I had an opportunity to get up close and personal with a juvenile red-tailed hawk.
They are magnificent creatures.
both up close and in the sky,

although I far prefer to see them flying free.
We have three juvenile hawks in Holler skies now.
They fly closer to us than the adults,
Red Tails don’t develop the characteristic red-tail until their first year molt,

and their feather colors can vary from quite dark to very light.
Cheers to you from the Red-Tail-Kids~

217 thoughts on “Red-Tail-Kids~

  1. The last photo makes it look fierce and angry, like he’d rather rip out your eye than look at you. 🙂 I’ve never seen them up real close. The pictures are amazing shots, and they seem like powerful birds.

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  2. Beautiful plumage! Thanks for these close-up images. They remind me of the time I spent up close to Red Tail Hawks and other raptors when I volunteered at a rehabilitation center. The other times I’ve seen them close up is when I was high up in the mountains. The seem to fly so low but then I had to remind myself that it only seems this way because I was high up in elevation! 🙂

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    • Your rehab work must have been fascinating and I love the description of meeting them at higher altitude. I never thought of this, but The Holler is on a mountain, so the raptors are often flying at eye level, which maybe why they come closer to us.

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    • Good guesses. It’s a guy who trains hawks and uses them to control seagulls at local businesses. He also flies with them while para-sailing above Black’s Beach in La Jolla and films it!


  3. Those red tail kids are so cute, Cindy. Their eyes look so clever and expressive. I know they are scary with powerful beak and claws. I think they sense how we feel, like horses and dogs do. What a wonderful set of photos! 🙂

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  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    If anyone desires to be a rodent, say, Mickey Mouse or a rat (I have heard thereoare such people), think again.


  5. Querida amiga, me han parecido impresionantes tus fotos. La profesión de “halconero” nos transporta a la Edad Media en que los “señores” utilizaban los halcones para sus juegos y cacerías. ¡Qué bonito pájaro!, y qué elegante vuelo. Me alegra que lo hayas disfrutado y que lo compartas con nosotros. 😉


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