Portugal’s Historic Tilework~

is this amazing gimish,
of Portuguese artistic talent,
Arabic design

and remarkable Catholic art.

Cultures when mixed,

mutually enrich.


This is Portugal!
Cheers to you from the art that lives inside us all~

259 thoughts on “Portugal’s Historic Tilework~

    • The first six are in Lisbon and Porto. You really would love Aveiro too though! Let me know before you go and I will give the specifics. The first series are in a house in Lisbon that I just wandered into. When you go, I’ll tell you how to do this. I am heading over to your blog now to figure out if you are still in San Miguel~

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  1. I am reminded of our stay in Seville, Spain, not very far away geographically or historically. Beauty every where… except the bathroom in a particular restaurant, late one night…. Ah, another tale to be told.

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    • I’ve been thinking about you, going over to your blog to see if you post. It doesn’t matter if you have brilliant material to post as you always do, your friends just want to hear from you. So glad you posted and be well cuz~


  2. Wow, that’s quite something all that richly-coloured and intricately-patterned tilework. Can you imagine the concentration required for that sort of craftsmanship? I would have enough trouble doing a neat job of tiling a bathroom wall with plain tiles!

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  3. Such intricate beauty. 🙂 I have 2 coffee mugs, hand painted I bought in the Algarve almost 20 years ago. They’re still my favourite to drink my coffee in.I swear it just tastes better, lol. ❤

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  4. Such gorgeous photos Cindy. Portugal is not only one of the most beautiful countries but has in my humble opinion, the most beautiful language.

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  5. How I admire those artworks and all the work behind it. Wonderful shots of a beautiful place. That blue and white is so great. I bought some of that ceramics in the Azores. I seldom buy things, but a teapot and some jars and a soup bowl!

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  6. I love Portugal! Last time I was there, there was some rehab/construction going on with an old building and there were all these lovely old little tiles toss in the gutter and trash. I asked if I could take a few. The workers seemed quite pleased and helped me find 4 undamaged tiles about 3×3″ with different styles/designs – all typical of the buildings there. I hand carried those home and from house to house. These little tiles are soem of my favorite treasures. Portugal’s tile work is fabulous

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    • Oh yes, that is wonderful! So polite that you asked! Can you imagine how old those tiles are? I saw some displayed in a very creative manner on the wall as pieces of handmade, very antique art, which is exactly what they are. I took photos of the displays and if you are interested, I would be happy to show you. They were in a very elegant hotel. I would prize these immensely as you do, I and think you were very clever to save them~

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  7. When I was in my first year of college, I wanted to be an Architect…I could design and draw so well. I broke my kneecap in one of our basketball games. So much pain they had to give me morphine, and I could not draw a straight line again. My heart is always moved by designs and architecture. Well at least soon after God blessed me to be able to write. I always felt I lived there before in Portugal and Spain. Love all the pictures you share Cindy!

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    • So you have this deja vu about Spain and Portugal. That is fascinating Wendell. I have experienced deja vu and it’s a powerful experience isn’t it. Just the thought of you breaking your kneecap makes me wince. I can just imagine the pain. Terrible. And opiates took away your talent, which makes it even worse. Yes, God did bless you Wendell with your poetry, and you bless all of us who read it. Be well my friend~ ❤

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  9. Thank you for this post! I’m Portuguese and I feel proud to read about these beautiful art pieces that say so much about the history that makes Portugal what it is and its people! Thank you!

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    • It is so important to me to present a country’s history and traditions accurately and I am not an expert by any means, so your comment means a great deal to me. Portugal is just a remarkable country both in terms of it’s long, impressive history, it’s world leadership in sailing exploration and discovery, and it’s incredibly beautiful architecture and tile work. Everyday I took photos that were of such beautiful places. I started collecting the embroidered linen which I now have displayed in my home. Portugal just “gets” visual beauty and the artistic use of color and it has done so for such an incredibly long period of time. I am proud of Portugal too! ❤

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