Free Flight~

Penetrating eyes,
miss nothing.

DSC05829 (1)
The most intelligent,

successful birds,

are often resented.
I wonder why?
Are we jealous they are free, and fly?

Cheers to you from the free-flying gulls~

228 thoughts on “Free Flight~

  1. Oh, my !!!!! Jonathan Livingston Seagull ! I wondered where he’d gone.

    Wise guys
    with golden eyes
    ply the summer’s azure skies
    and ride the vaults on silvered wings
    to sing of joy and other things……

    Happy day, Cuz ! 🙂

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  2. Bonjour CINDY très beau
    Mon passage sur ton joli blog
    Ce sont mes 2 mains sur mon clavier
    Sur un profil une belle image
    Qui derrière cet écran se trouve une personne de gentille
    La ou je retrouve une de mes meilleurs amies ou amis
    Je te fais un énorme sourire même si tu ne vois pas
    Dans le fond de mon cœur je te l’offre
    Passe une agréable journée
    Surtout ensoleillé ,chez moi le temps pas extra
    Bise amicale Bernard

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  3. My parents had a seagull that came knocking on their sliding glass door one day. They gave it some bread and it kept coming back. Eventually the bread turned into catfood sandwiches and the seagull came around for about 20 years – kind of frail towards the end. They always knew it was the same one because it had a hole in one foot.

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  4. Son of a gun! When you first open your page and that beak and yellow eye greet you, it’s a little startling, LOL We live very close to the river and the gulls make good use of a sandbar there. Squawking and carrying on. They seem to have a lot to say. I’m often glad they’re not closer because they drown out the robins, buzzing bee’s and other things I like about summer. Like listening to the breeze in the flittering green leaves or the sound of the fountain, x b

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    • This is synchronistic. I saw your name in comments. So I immediately went to your blog to tell you how much you remind me of the talented aspects of author Mary Kay Andrews who I am reading a lot of now. You are different though, you are not hamstrung by the American south.
      I never saw this comment, but I am more than pleased we were apparently thinking about each other at the same time.
      “Like listening to the breeze in the flittering green leaves or the sound of the fountain.”
      Brilliant writing.
      Be well my friend~ ❤ ❤

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      • Birds of a feather…pun intended, ha! I’ve Googled Ms Andrews so I might get some insight on the writer who’s using my schtick (LOL). Her books look like fun reads with silly dilemma’s going on, that really does sound familiar. I swear my life is one big ‘oopsy’ after another. This week I twapped my forehead on a tree branch while doing some landscaping. So now I must travel round London and Paris with a rather obvious pink scratch across my noggin’ LOL. Very Chic…not! We leave on Monday evening. So for this month, I’m following your lead and seeing the world. Cheers! x B

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  5. Lol….actually I saw an article today regarding a greedy seas gull that dive bombed an innocent beach goer eating fish and chips…With a view to pinching them lol end result – man has lip torn open by a gull and was covered in blood😲 Oopsy!!

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    • I remember in Patagonia gulls were killing whales methodically and rather terribly. Still they can’t even begin to emulate the destruction we humans wreck upon our fellow creatures, including of course, each other.


  6. Gee whizz, Cindy, I was feeling proud of my latest bird shots and then I looked at this! Fantastic!! I remember trying to sleep in a hotel in Aberdeen but the herring gulls were clomping about on the roof endlessly and screeching, too… I rescued a juvenile with a broken wing once (and they are really big birds)!

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    • Laughing, I actually had a limited amount of time with these gulls. I was at the back of the boat, throwing bread at them, waiting to be told to stop. I probably took around 50-60 pics, so you can do the math! The digital trash can is my friend! 😉


  7. A gull tried to pull my sandwich right out of my hands once. Came in from behind me, giving me only a split second warning. Being a New Yorker at the time, I didn’t let go. I didn’t resent him, though. It was a good sandwich. LOL

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