Trapeze Artistry~

masters of the vertical trapeze.

As if, all their life,
they’ve been waiting for a high sliding wire.

Flying Wallendas,
with no need for nets or costumes.
Natures perfect performers.

Cheers to you from the Holler’s high-flying orioles~

219 thoughts on “Trapeze Artistry~

  1. Those orioles are comical, acrobatic and beautifully colored, Cindy. They do belong with a circus high wire act! I could easily be entertained and amused while watching them. 😀

      • Cindy, I didn’t expect this characteristic of those cute birds acting like very rude people! Thanks for letting me in on this inside information. Really makes me wish I could observe them in reality. Take care, hope your summer goes well! ❤

  2. As always – – – beautiful selection of subject matter and great photographs. We once saw Baltimore Orioles in upstate New York but I think they departed when the taxes got too high. Take care, Wally

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