Paddling Around Aveiro…..

can be fatiguing.
There is so much to see and do,

that sometimes it’s hard to keep up,
which is why some sit it out on the sidelines,
and others prefer traveling by boat.
The fit choose to walk,


but whatever your mode of transport,

Aveiro is visual candy!

Cheers to you from Aveiro Portugal~

236 thoughts on “Paddling Around Aveiro…..

  1. And now I have Portugal envy. Those barcos molineiros always reminded me of the gondolas of Venice, only more delicate, prettier. They were practical, too, for collecting seaweed to feed cattle. Besides being beautiful, they are light and can be used in shallow water. I’d love to have a smallish one for a canoe on my river here in Maine!

    1. You have a river there in Maine? Can I come visit you for an afternoon? I am serious. I am reading all of Elizabeth Stout’s books on this trip and have developed Maine envy, besides I’d like to visit you. Aveiro is like Venice with no crowds, no hype and no inflated prices. You can actually afford many Moliceiro rides which is very unlike Venice, plus the seafood rocks. I am going to visit a wild bird preserve. Did you know there are parrots in Portugal? They are not native, but wild, and I got their pics to prove it. I wish you were here so we could watch the zumba dancers. It is cardiovascular fittness day here in Aveiro and everyone is zumbaing…..I don’t make this stuff up!!! πŸ™‚

      1. If you go to Maine, I hope you stop by here in western Massachusetts, we’re only a few hours from Maine. Inland Maine is more like Strout’s towns, not too prosperous, while coastal Maine is very different/touristy. It is a huge state with most of the northern part being wild.

  2. Such beautiful pictures ! You capture it all so well !
    My dear very much loved granny was from Aveiro , and I’ve never been …but it surely is on my list.
    Glad you’re enjoying your travels around my country .
    Turtle Hugs

      1. When you do have to … think that you will come back one day πŸ˜€
        Meanwhile please let us enjoy it through your beautiful pictures will you πŸ™‚
        Turtle Hugs

  3. Timothy Price

    Beautiful! I was in Porto several times when I taught a graduate seminar their for the European University, and we stood in the ruins of Santa Tecla Hill Settlement at the tip of Poteverdra, Spain and looked over into Portugal β€” that’s it for my adventures in Portugal.

    1. Wow. Sounds epic. We were just in Porto, and have been moving back and forth between Portugal and Spain which is messing up my Spanish. The Moorish castles and forts in Spain were unbelieveably impressive. Sounds like wonderful memories Timothy.

  4. Beautiful, yet so peaceful town. Love these little ducklings. πŸ™‚ You captured the beautiful colors of the buildings and boats! Thank you for sharing, Cindy. πŸ™‚

  5. Such color and charm. I find it interesting that the Anna and Elsa chair has a picture with such tangled emotion. In the US, all the products have smiling, happy A&E. There is such pressure here to be always happy and remote. I remember the French screaming in traffic, and the Spanish dancing in the streets. I miss that European magnificence. And of course the dog looks very Rodeo Drive. πŸ™‚

    1. Who the heck are Anna & Elsa? They must be Disney characters on the chair? I am so out of touch with Disney these days. I lost track after my daughter outgrew her Ariel obsession. Do they look like they are having complex emotions? What you say is so true though. Today a woman from China/Portugal was yelling at me in a mixture of Chinese and Portuguese, and I was responding in Spanish which just made everything worse. She wasn’t angry, she just felt increased volume would help me understand better. I can relate. I feel this way with my husband sometimes.
      Love your comments Brenda and now I will google Anna & Elsa to get up to speed. πŸ™‚

    1. These guys were really young. Everytime they got hit by boat wake they became submerged. They do lose the down, go through an ugly-duckling stage, and then get their beautiful feathers.

  6. Sweet little ducklings – I guess Mallards are universal! Aveiro is such a lovely town. You can see the influence of Macau, their former colony, in the architecture.

    1. Yes, not just in the architecture, but in the food, which is why I ate in the most amazing Chinese food restaurant yesterday and today, and (see comment above) got in language confusion with the extremely talented Chinese/Portuguese woman chef. The only thing we understood is how much I adore her food and how much of it I am able to eat! πŸ™‚

    1. What is with their adorableness! I followed them around like a fool, taking their pics and the Portuguese watched me, and correctly assumed I was nuts.

    1. There are very serious sea-farers in Portugal going back through history. So much time spent with the sea. They still have these beautifully painted, work-of-art fishing boats, that are so tiny and so lovely. You can watch them sail out at sunrise and back at sunset followed by the gulls. The boats are so small and pretty, you can forget the incredible skill needed to safely navigate them in the open sea.

      1. After reading your post, I checked on the history of Portuguese discoveries made by sailing out into the open waters. Truly remarkable. Have a wonderful time – safe traveled.

  7. Love the synchronicity. Moments before looking at your post, I was reading a book where the characters are presently in Portugal. I was tying to visual the warmth of the buildings they described and then here are your beautiful photos to surpass my imagination.

    1. It does seem too magical for work, but there is lots of work going on in the old town where we are staying, in the sea and in boats. They harvest a lot of salt here, and made divine seafood.

    1. They are so fun to watch grow. There is always one who is the bravest, who ventures forth. I can’t imagine whether this is a positive, or negative, survival strategy for a duck.

  8. Love all the brilliant color. Everywhere! On everything: buildings, boats, houses. What a happy place. How can anyone not jump for joy there, everyday. The little feathered babies look so soft. Thank you for sharing, Cindy. I so enjoy your photography. <3 <3 <3

    1. They are so tiny, they seemed too vulnerable to be swimming in this boating canal, but they were hardy little puff balls, when they sunk, they popped back up and kept on swimming.

  9. They use bright colours in Portugal, don’t they? I noticed the Chiwawa has nail polish on, and she is sitting on ‘frozen’ chair! And t looks like there was some seaweed by the water? I hope you are having a lovely time, Cindy!

    1. You are observant Maiko. The canals are saltwater and full of fish and the Aveiro people harvest and sell the salt. They cook with the seaweed and it is quite good. Cheers to you Maiko and thanks for stopping by~

  10. Visual candy is right Cindy! What a vibrant, colorful city. And thanks for including those cute ducklings and doggie! Enjoy your time there! <3

    1. I photographed Indian Ring Necked Parrots and Monk Parrots in Spain and will be posting them soon. I was shocked to see them. They are not native in any of the places I saw them, but are thriving and breeding now in the wild. You would have loved seeing them Lynn and I will post soon. Be well my friend!

  11. The ducklings are darling. You go to the most beautiful places and take the lovliest pictures, Cindy. It’s the next best thing to going there ourselves. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚ — Suzanne

  12. What outstanding shots, Cindy! Those fuzzy ducks are darling, but part of me feels a bit sorry for the “dolled-up” pooch in her ‘Frozen’ chair! Love the reflection of these colorful buildings in the water, too!

    1. Yes, I felt that way too. I am much happier seeing dogs be dogs. It was a street celebration day so let’s hope it was like Halloween when people dress up their pooches for parades.

  13. Bonsoir CINDY c’est trΓ¨s beau ce partage de la vie animaliΓ¨re
    Je viens chez toi comme par magie
    J’adore venir voir les nouveautΓ©s sur ton blog
    A mon tour
    Je vais essayer de faire rΓͺver
    Dans ce rΓͺve
    Tu y trouveras ma douceur
    Tu y trouveras du bonheur
    Tu te trouveras dans mon petit monde
    De la joie et du partage
    MΓͺme si ce n’est qu’un petit rΓͺve
    Il y aura quelques instants sur ton visage un sourire
    Qui te permettra de rΓ©chauffer une partie de ton cΕ“ur
    Gros bisous , Bernard

  14. Well now, isn’t this just ducky ??? πŸ™‚ From your pics, it would seem that a mallard is a mallard, is a mallard, no matter where you find them. The boats and the buildings were beautiful too, Cindy. πŸ™‚

    1. Exactly right. I have seen them everywhere except Antarctica! Today we are going to the Tagus Estuary which is one of Europe’s most important bird reserves. I will certainly see mallards but hopefully flamingos and a whole lot more!

  15. prior-01

    Cindy – the colors – are the best – but my fav is that you can almost feel the soft feathers with your clear photos – really nice…

  16. Liebe Cindy das sind ja wirkliche traumhaft Fotos von der Entenfamilie wunderschΓΆn toll hab eine gute Nacht das wΓΌnsche ich dir Klaus in Freundschaft

  17. I see you’ve made some great new friends there ~ great photo of the ducklings, great paddling partners for sure. A wonderful set of photos, love the canal and storefront shot of Aveiro, truly is visual candy! Nothing quite like following along on your adventures (even if a bit late!). Cheers to you Cindy ~

  18. Gasp! Can you imagine living here, everyday walking around the water, beautiful boats and colourful buildings. It’s like a Art Journal come to life. Spectacular! Is it very quite there or are you perhaps up early to get these shots? There’s hardly anyone around except the sweet little ducks. They’re so cute when they paddle around. Wonderful to start my day with you in Europe x B

    1. For me the crack of dawn is 9:30am! Aveiro is like an uncrowded little Venice. In Venice a vaparetto ride costs a boatload (sorry! πŸ˜‰ and the crowds are legion. Aveiro was sleepy, peaceful and uncrowded when we visited. I don’t like crowds, so Aveiro is just perfect. Cheers to you and have a wonderful week!

  19. Love love this entry. The ducklings made me smile. I love ducks. And the photo journey you took me on. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your amazing photos

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