Take Me To Spain~

“Carry me caravan take me away,

silver and gold in the mountains of Spain.”
Thank you Madrid for welcoming refugees!
Jesus fue un refugiado.

Somos todos los refugiados!

Cheers to you from warm & welcoming Spain~

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    1. The neo-gothic interior of Catedral de Almudena is spectacular and huge! Very hard to portray the massive size. It is the work of many artistis from many countries over a wide span of time. The interiors are paint, mosaic and sculpture. Although the building of the cathedral occurred in the 1800’s, there is ancient artwork incorporated in the design.
      I wonder if you have seen The Church of the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, and if that is why you wondered about mosaics? It is a good question.

    1. After Spain comes Portugal again! We wanted to spend more time in each country on this trip. It was a good plan except for the weather. It seems it will rain and be COLD for quite some time.

    1. I love the exposed brick underlayment that exists under all the amazing artwork, kind of like the building undressed. I especially love it when you can see bricks going back over time from different epochs. I have photos of this. In Spain extant buildings and sites go back to the time of The Moors, and before. Truly ancient.

    1. Europe and it’s chocolate. I can only eat it about once a week. Que lastima mia! It is so freaking good. (:
      The churros I have for breakfast. It’s healthfood. 🙂

      1. In cathedrals at least. There is always Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, or Antoni Gaudi. Will you be giving us some Gaudi this trip?

  1. I wish I could have been there! When I was in college years ago, one of my Aunts wanted to take me there for a month, Being on the school basketball team, timing was wrong. By Ancestry DNA testing I am 31% European, and have many Spanish Basque relatives, . The pictures are beautiful as usual and I really enjoy their Architecture from the Moors and Arabs from centuries ago. You always make my day…one day I will make it there. Hugs Cindy, may your trip continue to abundantly blessed!

    1. The Moorish architecture is a new experience for me and I find it fascinating. Their forts and castles are all over Andalucia and they are amazingly spacious and beautiful. I will post some photos soon for you Wendell. The Spanairds are warm and welcoming people and I think you will feel quite at home when you visit Wendell. Cheers to you my friend and Hasta Luego~

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  3. Cindy, I put on my shouting shoes when I saw your photos!! Amen! God Welcomes All into his Kingdom and as Christians we should be Jesus to all seeking solace and assistance. Giving Praise to the Almighty for shelters in the time of storm! Your photos are on point!!

    The Boys & Girls Choir Of Harlem – Jesus Is A Rock In A Weary Land

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      1. Yes, heard it from a Facebook friend of mine living in Granada, she complained about the cold weather that made her even look for a blanket… Enjoy the trip, anyways, Spain is beautiful.

  5. Your photos of Spain and Portugal are exquisite, as always Cindy – a gift to all. Yet as I read Eduardo Galeano’s “Memories of Fire,” I am reminded of the cost for the peoples of the “Americas” and Africa.

    1. Oh yes, horrifying history. The wealth contained within these churches came from the blood of the people who built them. I am struck by this everytime I visit an ornate embellished palace or cathedral, the late of equitable distribution of resources and the concentration of wealth and riches in the hands of the few. Now we see it with global corporations. This and continuous warfare is our grievous history.

  6. ¡Hola Cindy! Veo que ya estás paseando por Madrid. Me hubiera gustado conocerte en persona, pero sé que es algo complicado en estos momentos. Me alegra que estés disfrutando de España y espero que te lleves un bonito recuerdo. Besos <3 <3 <3

      1. Espero que se presente otra ocasión para conocernos. Me alegra que hayas disfrutado de tu visita a España. Has elegido un buen tiempo porque está todo florido y no hace demasiado calor. un abrazo Cindy.

  7. Hey! I´m waiting here, you might have passed my house, but the refugees…. you do know how many money on taxes we pay here? And now we have to spend more… get the refugess to somewhere else, the USA lets see how that goes, apart from that, still love ya, as always beautiful pictures and you should have called me, I´ll take you and your familly to the best restaurant there is , called ” Los Bravos”

  8. Bonjour CINDY et bon week-end de Pentecôte


    En cette nouvelle soirée

    Comme un oiseau de tendresse

    Je viens te chanter mon bonjour

    Comme on chante les belles histoires

    Je te peints mes pensées à l’encre de mes mots

    Comme on peint les jolis tableaux

    Je te dessine le contour de mes plus beaux sentiments

    Comme on dessine l’innocence à travers les yeux d’un enfant

    Je t’ai écris ces quelques lignes nappées de bonheur

    Comme on écrit les plus beaux souvenirs

    Je te souhaite une bonne soirée . avec des petits bisous



  9. Beautiful and meaningful post. I love the pictures of course but they make me miss Spain. The last time I visited was in 2007 when my grandfather passed away. I would love to return under happier circumstances. <3

    1. Oh bittersweet memories for you. I do hope you return. We have been three times in the past four years because Spain has such a way of calling you back.

  10. I may have shared how foolish I was as a teenager going to Spain and Portugal, Cindy. Took a camera, bought some postcards and Lladro figurines and have very little in the way of memorabilia!
    I absolutely loved the churches and cathedrals but your photos create more than memories, they foster a longing to go back there! Smiles and hugs, Robin xo

    1. This is what Spain does to you. There should be a warning label: “Visiting Spain may cause addictive desire to return in certain susceptible people.”

  11. España tiene algunas de las más bellas iglesias, Cuz, y tus fotos son la evidencia de la misma. Espero que usted está teniendo un gran tiempo…, abrazos!

  12. The sign of welcoming refugees is sure a nice, and surprising sight to see ~ and you’ve painting the scenes of the cathederal so very well. Love your last shot ~

  13. That is so good to see that poster! Spain has a heart. Here in Aracena the local people still take children for a holiday who live around Chernobyl so they can get cleaner air! I think that disaster was 1986.

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