Take Me To Spain~

“Carry me caravan take me away,

silver and gold in the mountains of Spain.”
Thank you Madrid for welcoming refugees!
Jesus fue un refugiado.

Somos todos los refugiados!

Cheers to you from warm & welcoming Spain~

206 thoughts on “Take Me To Spain~

  1. ¡Hola Cindy! Veo que ya estás paseando por Madrid. Me hubiera gustado conocerte en persona, pero sé que es algo complicado en estos momentos. Me alegra que estés disfrutando de España y espero que te lleves un bonito recuerdo. Besos ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Hey! I´m waiting here, you might have passed my house, but the refugees…. you do know how many money on taxes we pay here? And now we have to spend more… get the refugess to somewhere else, the USA lets see how that goes, apart from that, still love ya, as always beautiful pictures and you should have called me, I´ll take you and your familly to the best restaurant there is , called ” Los Bravos”

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  3. Bonjour CINDY et bon week-end de Pentecôte

    En cette nouvelle soirée

    Comme un oiseau de tendresse

    Je viens te chanter mon bonjour

    Comme on chante les belles histoires

    Je te peints mes pensées à l’encre de mes mots

    Comme on peint les jolis tableaux

    Je te dessine le contour de mes plus beaux sentiments

    Comme on dessine l’innocence à travers les yeux d’un enfant

    Je t’ai écris ces quelques lignes nappées de bonheur

    Comme on écrit les plus beaux souvenirs

    Je te souhaite une bonne soirée . avec des petits bisous



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  4. I may have shared how foolish I was as a teenager going to Spain and Portugal, Cindy. Took a camera, bought some postcards and Lladro figurines and have very little in the way of memorabilia!
    I absolutely loved the churches and cathedrals but your photos create more than memories, they foster a longing to go back there! Smiles and hugs, Robin xo

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  5. That is so good to see that poster! Spain has a heart. Here in Aracena the local people still take children for a holiday who live around Chernobyl so they can get cleaner air! I think that disaster was 1986.


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