249 thoughts on “Have Some Madeira M ‘Deah~

  1. So the comment went away…I have been to Madeira seven times, and love the Island. Hiking the levadas and the mountains. Now it has been six years since the last time.


    • Time to go again! If it didn’t require such distance travel for me, I would go more often to both Madeira and The Azores. They are really unique and isolated beauties~


      • Love them all. The Azores have a special place in my heart. I fear they are going to be too exploited now. Those lonely places in the forests with hot pools…last time we visited they were not lonely anymore .


      • I hear you. The factor in their favor is the ferocity of winter storms which may deter people from visiting at least for part of the year. I would love to see The Azores in a storm! I hear Portugal is under-advertising The Azores due to their uniqueness and vulnerability.

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  2. I think I have to agree with you…if I lived anywhere near where these photos were taken, I am not sure I would or could leave. I’ve only known Madeira via the wine (which alone is a good reason not to leave too I suppose!), but never really knew or heard about its beauty. This kinda blew me away, as I would have put Porto as #1 ~ this place of Madeira is more my style πŸ™‚


    • And then there are The Azores. The Azores are freaking spectacular. They are these pristine, biologically unique, sparsely populated, islands. You would love them too Randall!


  3. Reblogged this on SUSANNE LEIST and commented:
    Have Some Madeira M β€˜Deah~
    To be perfectly clear, the wine is very fine,
    but Madeiraland,
    is wonderland,
    so who needs wine?
    If I lived here,
    would I ever leave?
    Cheers to you from Madeira Portugal~


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