Desert Flowers~

Cacti in peak spring bloom,

bursting to rival spring flowers.

Citron, ruby, pearl, amethyst.

A bejeweled thorn garden,
with cactus fairies dressed in buds.

Queen Yucca reigns,

while lowly barrel floats cellophane flowers.

Arid desert landscape,
yields burgeoning blooms.
Cheers to you from the flowering desert~

269 thoughts on “Desert Flowers~

  1. omg Cindy, I just saw your most recent.. with the colour and bright sunshine… same planet, so different…. =^_^=… we will soon pass into summer…. you due to travel soon?

    1. It is amazing isn’t it, this “same planet, so different” phenomona. I think of this all the time, and yes we have been home for five months now which is a record. Crossing the pond and heading to Spain and Portugal soon. Be well my friend~ <3

  2. The colors are so amazing, Cindy. I really liked the Princess and her cacti fairies! This is such a wonderful collection that I had to look 3 times, extra slowly. The final tree-like cactus formation made me feel like this belongs by the “pearly gates.” <3

  3. I have never seen desert flowers this beautiful, colorful. So very special, Cindy.
    A bejeweled thorn garden, wow! Blow me away…. 🙂

    1. Succulents are being grown in such creative ways, on walls, as topiary, in trellis pockets, fountains. I have seen them on a multi-storied house draping from balcony to balcony, I love the creativity too!

  4. What an amazing display of different kinds of cactus. This compelled me to search online to find out how many types there really are, and the answer is “about 2,000”! Love the narrative! Thanks for transporting us to this magical land of cactus fairies! 🙂

    1. It is a very different type of beauty isn’t it. Fascinating to know that life florishes in such different ecosystems. I will be in Canada in September. Can’t wait for my date with the grizzlies!

  5. These pictures are beautiful! They make me miss Tucson and our cactus garden we had there! I think the beauty of the desert is one of nature’s best kept secrets!!! Thank you for sharing these gems!

    1. I think you are right! Either it speaks to you or not, but it certainly does to me. I love the incongruity of so much vibrant life is such a hostile place.

      1. Yes, I believe there are many people who have no idea how beautiful the desert can be. And a wonderful place to live. We also never experienced so much wild life as in the desert. It is magical!

      2. We are fully on the same page. You should see the photos I got today of Wiley E. Coyote at 11:20 in the morning checking out the kiddie pool we have set up for wildlife watering. He was checking out the pool and the photographer. Love it!

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  7. Smashing photos Cindy! Those not familiar with the desert often don’t realise the natural beauty that rears her head especially in the summer. I grew up on the edge of the Mojave. Alas, for me, it also holds some memories I prefer to forget. bisous!

  8. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that “statue” with various succulents and flowers growing so naturally in that shape – stunning I reckon and clever

  9. Isn’t it wonderful that cacti can bring forth such gorgeous flowers? You’ve captured them perfectly Cindy. I love the cacti fairy! Wish I could reach in and grab her for my garden. She is stunning! 😀 ♥

  10. Oh liebe Cindy das sind ja wunderschöne Kaktusse herrliche Fotos einfach nur wunderschön hab einen sonnigen Frühlingstag mit vielen lieben Grüßen Klaus in Freundschaft

  11. I know all about desert flowers since once I traveled through desert. The pictures are amazing, breathtaking and…
    I hope all is well with you dear Cindy, my favorite blogger. Love and hugs.

  12. And to think some folks believe nothing grows in arid conditions!! These are just spectacular, Cindy — real pieces of art. I can’t decide which I like best, so I’ll just say they’re all amazing!

    1. Thunderbolt and lightning,
      Very, very frightening me.
      (Galileo) Galileo.
      (Galileo) Galileo,
      Galileo Figaro
      Gotta be the best piece of rock music ever.

  13. I love cactus flowers! They are always surprising, delicate and spectacular. They teach us impermanence, for flowering only a day or night…as a sneaky illusive one I own recently proved to me. This shows the importance of enjoying the moments in life while they last. Thankfully we can enjoy them longer now, because of your superb pictures 😉 Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Ahhhh, what a lovely and profound series of thoughts. Yes, all is impermanent, but beauty remains in our mind’s eye. I also love the juxtaposition of formidable thorns and extraordinarily delicate flowers. Reminds me of people. Love your thinking~

    1. I am laughing. You rock my socks off. I am cacti-vated by your made up words. I love making up words more than most other things and you do it so brilliantly! Keep ’em coming, please!
      ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡ :star: ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

  14. Dear Cindy

    Beautiful and stunning photography accompanied by well articulated words. You have such a beautiful blog! I remember what a huge impression your blog first made and how honored I was that you liked my blog-posts.

    We have been following each other’s blog for quite some time now. I want to thank you for that. As my blog grew I struggled to give as much in return as I was receiving. I am sorry for that.

    Due to this, I am moving my work to this newly created website:

    I am staying on WP without much content shared.

    I wish you all the very best♡ ♡.

    Love, Isabella

    1. Yes, knowing you has been a joy my friend and it has been years now which is especially lovely. It is very hard in blogging to give back as much as you receive and I know exactly what you mean. Just know though, that you always have brightened my day with every post.
      I am heading over to your new site now, and of course, following you with pleasure. Thank Isabella and be well my friend~

      1. Thank you Cindy for your kind and heartwarming words. It is nice of you to check out my new site, thank you. I am hoping to visit your blog from time to time. It is a very uplifting and beautiful place you have created♡ ♡. Hugs, Isabella

    1. Yes people here eat both the fleshy green part of the cactus and the red bulb. It is coated in breadcrumbs and fried or mixed into salsa in many traditional Mexican dishes. I had no idea you have this plant in India and eat it as well. It is indeed a very small world. Cheers to you and thank you for stopping by~

    1. They can be soft and furry, but it is deceiving, because within the soft fur, lives tiny slivers, that get in your skin and are impossible to see, but quite uncomfortable. Cacti are such interesting plants and I agree with you Maiko, that dress has it going on! Be well my friend~ <3

  15. Your photos are more and more astoundingly beautiful Cindy. And these are totally unique. I have never seen the desert fairy and the shapes and colors are other-worldly.

    1. Awww, thank you Dor. I am enjoying watching your rapid progression with you camera as well. It is quite a bit of fun taking these clicks isn’t it! Hope your foot is better & cheers to you Dor~

  16. Wow! It’s hard to believe all this beauty and color in such an arid place. The photos are gorgeous! I love the red blooms among all the thorns and that succulent statue is amazing. This was a real treat. Thank you Cindy! <3 xx

  17. Ah, “Cactus Flower” strikes again ! The pic’s are beautiful, Cuz. The cactus nymph seems to be everyone’s favorite . .., and mine too. I’ve found prickly pears in Florida and Montana too. They’re everywhere !!!!! 😉

    1. Ich war in Norwegen und sah einen großen Gewachshaus mit Kakteen gefullt. Ein Blogger hat mir gesagt, er hat Kakteen in Indien. Und einige Leute haben Kakteen in ihrer deutschen Heimat. Ich denke, es ist wunderbar, dass Kakteen auf der ganzen Welt geschatzt werden. Vielen dank mein lieber Freund Ernst!

  18. Scout

    Such beautiful flowers, Cindy! I love cactus. Here in Oregon we don’t get much of that, but when the cactus I grow in my yard reward me occasional by flowering I feel an enormous sense of accomplishment–like I did it, lol. I’d like to visit desert country sometime!

  19. I love the Cactus Fairy!!! I’ve thought of an Art Gown along this vein, but of course it would take a few months to grow in my yard, & once again I’m going back to work. Well, step 1, buy a sacrificial Judy. Step 2, make a multi-tiered gown with many pockets out of a plastic picnic table cloth. Step 3 insert mud and seeds into pockets. I’ve always envisioned Lobelia. Pansies & Alyssum.
    How beautiful it is in the Holler!

    1. This is built with a wire cage frame, but I think I like your idea too. I have seen the plastic pockets growing succulents most successfully. Lobelia, pansies and allyssum would be utterly divine. I can see it too and I can’t wait until you have the time to make it! Maybe go with seedlings from the nursery to give them an extra boost, plus it will look gorgeous immediately and only get better. It will be so gorgeous~ <3

  20. Preciosas flores del desierto. Y es que la Naturaleza se adapta hasta a los lugares más inóspitos para dar belleza. Un abrazo Cindy y buen finde. 🙂

      1. Para mí es un placer ayudarle a practicar mi idioma. Esto, además, me facilita la comunicación, porque mi inglés es muy elemental y no me expreso bien. El conocimiento de idiomas es indispensable en el mundo actual porque abre las puertas a nuevas amistades con personas afines. Un gran abrazo amiga. <3 <3 <3

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  22. Matt

    What are the purple flowers in the first picture? (The image is named: dsc01119.jpg)
    I am in San Diego, and I’m trying to figure out what type of flower this is, cause I’ve seen it before, but I haven’t known what it was called.

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