Stadt Nürnberg~

Albrecht Durer house in the Alstadt (Old Town) of Nuremberg.
The old town of Nuremberg is another half-timbered medieval Bavarian town that lets you experience the uncanny feeling of walking back in time. Tiergartnerplatz Alstadt.
It is time travel without the need for a time machine!

These stained glass windows in Sebalduskirche (St. Sebald’s Church) circa 1250, were shining from the outside,
creating a divine impression!
Archangel Michael (circa 1408) in Lorenzkirche (St Lorenz Church).
Heilig Geist Spital over the River Pegnitz was originally built as a hospice, but is now a home for the elderly.
Cheers to you from the living Medieval town of Nuremberg~

217 thoughts on “Stadt Nürnberg~

    • I just read a ranking that put Germany near the top of the ten best countries to live in. Considering this place compared to Assisted Living facilities in the US creates a bit of a temptation…..I can see myself watching the world go by from one of these windows, and think of all the fascinating options when you “accidentally” wander off……….. 😉

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    • Oh I know you do remember. You have shared so many wonderfull memories. I think you may want to go back and see things with your adult eyes alongside your childhood memories.


  1. Great detail, Cindy. The architecture looks amazing. Is the town overshadowed by the association with the Nuremburg Trials? Or, does it seem to be in the very remote past?


    • I think it is overshadowed. It’s history goes back so far before the contemporary nightmare. I mean it was a thriving artistic center in the middle ages.
      BTW, this is freaking brilliant question. Thank you for raising it. I wish others, more knowledgeable than I, would also weigh in and answer it.


      • Hi Cindy. I’m “deeply” into that era since I’m writing a new novel about that time period. It strikes me that we (collectively) haven’t really fully comprehended how fascism radically shifted our concept of evil and how we can combat it. Nuremburg was society’s attempt to understand that evil, but even so, we fell short. It just was beyond comprehension at that point, and it’s no less clear today…despite the fact that genocide still continues. Let’s see what others think about that!!


      • I have a long term interest in this period of history too. Check out my response to another commenter. You might find it of interest:
        The Nuremberg trials were held in The Palace of Justice, courtroom 600. The palace is still in use today and room 600 is still a courtroom. We visited the Palace, the Documentation Center, and the Nazi rally grounds made infamous in Leni Riefenstahl’s movie, “Triumph of Will.” The rally grounds were used for the annual rallies you have seen in videos and photographs. I have read the transcripts of the trials and saw the still available video and I understand your interest as a lawyer and human being. See this link for more info:
        In prior visits to Germany we have been to Dachau, Struthof (a concentration camp in Alsace for the European resistance), Hitler’s redoubt in Obersalzburg and his Eagle’s Nest, as well as the Nazi museum in Obersalzburg. This was an intense experience, which took place over two separate trips about ten years ago. I did prior posts on this. Here is one link:
        At one time, I considered majoring in Holocaust Studies, but instead became a psychotherapist and mental health director. I have worked with holocaust survivors, both as colleagues and clients, including survivors of other holocausts, most especially the Sudan.


  2. This visit to Nuremberg was gorgeous throughout the entire “tour,” Cindy. Your photos which captivated me the most were the ethereal ones of the cathedral windows with the architecture so beautiful, as well as the stained glass. The angel was such a precious cherub, too. Thank you for the details you provided, Cindy. Made me feel like you were my “Guide.” ❤


    • This is happening a lot to me. I get either unfollowed and/or people’s posts don’t appear in my reader. It is very frustrating for me because I never know it is happening and people probably assume I lost interest which couldn’t be further from the truth. Thank goodness you at least alerted me, others might not and this bothers me a lot. I have refollowed you. Please let me know if this happens again and be well my friend~ ❤


  3. The pictures are wonderful, Cuz. The buildings are beautiful. The the unimaninable horror that the trials held there, that brought fame to this city are simply unbelievable. The inhumanity of war, greed, and power…..!


  4. I enjoyed seeing the photos of the old buildings. They are wonderful. We lived in Furth/Nuremburg years ago, ’71-’72, and got to see it all first hand. Germany is a beautiful country.


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