Tree Swimming~


In a topsy-turvy world,


that spins,
like a ball,
in space,

fish swim in trees,

and plants grow upside down.
Cheers to you,
from a pond’s point of view.

274 thoughts on “Tree Swimming~

  1. Nothing is more delightful than reflections in water. Although hard to pick a favorite, I love the first gold fish one where the fish are sharp contrast to the green leaves and the one where the rock on the bottom left looks like it’s in thin air.


  2. Reflections are one of the magical pieces of photography ~ and these are exquisite shots Cindy. The last one with the koi is my favorite, a blend of both a dream (reflection) and reality. 🙂 Wish you a great weekend.


    • I agree. Reflections fascinate because they challenge our perceptions of the world. Does a pond only look as people see it, from outside looking down, or can it also be seen from the pond looking up, or laying flat at the surface, or how about underwater? Photography is a powerful medium because it can encourage people to question their perceptions and assumptions. I think this is one of the reasons you and I enjoy it so much, it allows us to demonstrate how the world can be seen in different ways depending upon one’s perspective.


    • Hey cuz, wonderful to hear from you and hope you are well! I did it was very nice of the weather to conspire and help me get these bright sun and breeze free clicks. Cheers to you and I know you happy because spring is coming!


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