Portals to the Past~

DSC06969 (2)
(Bamberg Germany)
Europe is full of exquisite antique doorways.

(Budapest, Hungary)
These doorways to the past,

are testaments,

(Nuremberg, Germany)
to artistry,

DSC07289 (2)
(Regensburg, Germany)
attention to detail,

(Regensburg, Germany)

and love of beauty.

DSC07346 (2)
(Passau, Germany)
They represent a respect for artistry too often missing in our modern world.

(Passau, Germany)
Hoping these portals to the past,

(Marksburg Castle, Germany)
bring beauty and cheers to you~

246 thoughts on “Portals to the Past~

    1. Good eye. This is the really old Marksburg castle on The Rhine in Germany. I will do a post on the castle itself soon as it had many original features like this decorated door. It is so old, and truly amazing.

    1. So glad you do and thank you. I don’t know what is sadder, that we build glass box buildings and cookie cutter suburbs, that art is only in stuffy musuems, or that all the talented artisans, artists and craftspeople go unemployed. Can you imagine living in a time when the people that make these creations were actually employed and maybe even appreciated?

      1. Modern and sleek had its’ place, too, but does it have to replace all the beautiful older styles? (Of course the older architecture took some dedicated skills – and often took much much longer than people have patience for now….but those things are still standing and functioning while the modern? Too easily outdated, wrecked, and replaced. Strange focus, that. Not very environmentally friendly.

  1. Incredibly beautiful, so well described. Reminded me the doors we saw in Nuremberg. Thank you so much, Cindy for giving us an opportunity to appreciate the magnificent craftsmanship!

    1. There is so much of this artistic detail every few steps in these amazing medieval towns. We think we’ve advanced as people and civilizations, but spending time in these old towns makes me question this. There is so much left to see and explore.

    1. I broke my own rule of trying to stick to no more than eight photos per post. I had to cut out so many, and Europe has so many, many more! Thank goodness they are wise enough to preserve them~

      1. Yes!!! I love old structures and these have such amazing work! It is a shame when not preserved! There was an old mission near us that we saw each time we went to the lake- one summer it was gone! So sad!

  2. I don’t get to travel so it is so much fun seeing the beautiful places through your camera lens! Wonderful architecture! I love that ornate gate! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  3. Beautiful series, Cindy. I noted the detailed architecture as well when I visited Europe. I think it all boils down to the end of cheap labor. No longer does one spend a lifetime carving a single great work or a year of their life creating a door. We’ve been left with the merely functional.

  4. These are fabulous doors. They are truly portals to past conversations, historic events, secrets that will never be revealed. They are a lost art.
    Have you been to Charleston, SC? There are many beautiful and unusual doors in Charleston with secrets of their own.

  5. The doorways in Colombia are pretty impressive too! They’re so colorful. I liked them so much that the one souvenir I bought myself was a miniature painted door with hooks for keys.

    1. Columbia is spectacular. I wanted to go for so long because one of my closest friends lived in Cartagena and she told me so much about it. She really was the person who took me from speaking primitive spanish to actually finding myself dreaming in spanish. When I went to Cartagena and Columbia, it exceeded my expectations. I love Latin America. Columbia was a visual dream scape. I went to Cartagena in Spain too and am going back in two months. Such warm, brilliant cultures.

      1. I had no idea there’s a Cartagena in Spain, too! My spanish has vastly improved over the last 6 months and its been so cool to see that I can understand things now that were once complete gibberish to me.

      2. Cartagena in Spain is very, very old. They have ruins there I need to see again Roman, of course, and Carthage and the Punic wars. Artifacts older even than this.
        Getting fluent in a language is wonderful, all of a sudden it is as if your brain opens up to new concepts.
        The world is an incredibly remarkable place.

    1. It’s kinda remarkable to me to think of the craftsmen who made these so long ago. It is wonderful that people valued it and maintained so we can actually see it, and use it, outside of a museum. I mean you can open these doors! <3

  6. Boy, those of us who weren’t living in that time when more things were made with care really missed out! Those intricate wrought iron doors remind me of the old carved teak furniture my family has here from another era, which includes huge coffee tables and couches – all carved by hand! It takes time and patience to create works of beauty, and time is difficult to come by nowadays too when the focus is on quickly pumping out identical widgets. ~Lynn

    1. I know you Lynn. So I am thinking about about the carved teak furniture, and what that means and represents. I have only a sense of your culture’s history, so much older than I can comprehend.
      Thank goodness your parents, and other people, value those who came before. They have so much beauty to give us.
      They fill us up, in ways living people cannot.

  7. I love, love, love-am charmed to my innermost core by this collection of doors!!! Your pics r once again, pristinely beautiful. U have a great eye, Cindy..thanks ever so much for sharing!!!

    1. Love it, you are the first to notice, clever Mandy. <3 He does look rather spectre-like doesn't he, poor man. Maybe he is a ghost. If so, I have the world's most clear ghost photo. I could enter it in a contest, but then, the real man might see it, and expose me as a huckster. Ah well, there goes my chance at photographic fame. You have good observational skills my friend~ <3

  8. Very interesting and beautiful creations. It’s a pity that such beauty is (almost) a thing of the past. Thanks for sharing your finds, Cindy.

  9. I love doors! Delightful tour Cindy! Reminds me of Revelations 2:20. Jesus said Look, I’m standing at the door knocking. If anyone opens the door I’ll come in and eat with you and you with me. Pretty amazing invitation to tea time! I love looking at doors and wondering what’s inside. Isn’t that an amazing thought that we’re on the inside and the one knocking to come in is Jesus?!

    1. There is something spiritual about doorways and many have written about it before us. CS Lewis opening the cupboard door and entering the mystical world of Narnia for example. There is the symbolism of the door representing a passageway from one world to another, from life to death, from the secular to the sacred. So yes, Jesus could be knocking on our door, just waiting for an answer.

  10. Having never been to Europe, I’m always fascinated with friends’ trip photos, as I am with yours. In the U.S. we think a few centuries is old, and that’s infancy in Europe. Also, we tend to think old needs to be replaced with new, closing our “portals to the past.”

  11. I love doors, Cindy, and you’ve captured some splendid ones! Our manufactured, pre-fab doors just can’t hold a candle to these artistic, ornate ones.

  12. “Portals to the Past” is such a perfect title here ~ each of these doors are so different in design and history ~ it does not take much to get the mind wondering of its past. My favorite is the brilliant and simple Marksburg Castle portal. To spend just a day back in those times…with a camera of course 🙂

    1. Yes, and I hope you see what lies behind that castle door. The castle was furnished with original pieces. You would be fascinated by the inside Randall. It sets one imagination soaring. I will post it soon my friend and thank you as always for your perceptive perceptions~

  13. Wonderful Cindy!!! “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Sometimes looking back is finding new paths… Have a great day!

      1. cherry4picker

        It is absolutely. For example, Armani is producing in Hangzhou/China
        Jetting to Hangzhou by aircraft is cheaper than producing in Italy 🙂

    1. I hope so too. We are a destructive species, so it is heartening to see some things that are being preserved for almost ever. This year I am going to see the olderst living trees in the world, the ancient bristle cone pines, the oldest is 4600-4900 years old. They are living in a part of The Sierras few people visit thank God. They do not live in a national park. They survive because most people don’t know about them. That is a sad statement I think. If people knew about them, they might carve their initials in them or cut them down for coffee tables. I will post photos of them for you and Jack. I will be in awe that there are living things in this world that predate the pyramids and humans haven’t destroyed them.

      1. Those trees sound awe inspiring Cindy, just to see them in your photos will be a privilege. Did you know about the Wollemi Pine? It is a fascinating story of rediscovery. http://www.wollemipine.com/news/Found_Tree_from_the_Dinosaur_Age.php Hundreds of cuttings were created and the seedlings sent to every botanic garden, then put on the market for home gardeners so it is a real success story of a tree though to be extinct now thriving. The original trees location is a very close kept secret.

  14. I am always amazed at the old architecture. I often wonder how they did it. I would like to go back in time and watch it being done. I don’t think we could do it today, Thanks cindy

  15. Cindy, I just adore photos of doors, and windows, too! Your choices are wonderful but I must say the first one is my favorite, for the brilliant color and the geometric design. 🙂

  16. Love these grand entrances Cindy– so imposing. I have a collection of much humber doorways from the years we lived in Spain. I don’t know– but I think, doorways are intriguing for the possibilities that lie beyond… thanks for the beautiful post.

    1. Yes they represent mystery and possibility and we are curious to see what is beyond. I would love to see your Spanish doors and am looking forward to seeing some more myself in Spain soon!

      1. Oh where are you traveling Spain Cindy?!! We lived there 12 years, the first 8 down in Andalusia and that is really the heart of Spain for us– less cosmopolitan, more “Spanish.” I can’t wait to see those pictures whenever you go!…

        1. We are going to Seville, Malaga, Madrid, Cartenga, Barcelona, Mallorca and Valencia. Very excited about it of course! We have only been to Cartagena and Barcelona before.

          1. Oh you’re going to have such beautiful travels Cindy!! We never crossed over to Mallorca– but love Madrid for the art, Barcelona for the architecture and Seville for the history and ambience. And everywhere for the food!– so many tapas and breakfast churros with thick thick hot chocolate! Que aproveche!

  17. Excelent photos, Excelent presentation, Excelent Author – Cindy – Write a book and I will be your reader… You have the feeling for detail, for the right word and for Beauty! Bravo!

  18. The Regensberg, Germany two elaborate and intricately detailed “portals” were exquisite and fine examples of craftsmanship, Cindy. Just enjoyed these photos so much.

    1. Yes it is a moment, the hand on the knob, the pressure to open, freeze frame. A moment of unknown anticipation, like a metaphor for life, which may be why doors resonate so much with us preconsciously. Our preconscious is so smart, which you know well since it writes your poems and whimsical tales so beautifully.

  19. Cindy, Cindy….I can’t wait to show Inion these pics. She is going to flip!! If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I pray I come back as you!! 😉 You are such a gifted artist and true adventurer. God luv ya for allowing us a peek into your beautiful world and letting us share the journey!! <3 xoxo

    1. It is so wonderful to hear from you Veraiconica. I have missed you. I hope this means you are back and that we stay in touch. Hoping you are well my dear friend~ <3 <3

      1. Thank you Cindy. I have missed you too. Had a lot of fun last night looking at your so interesting blogs with all the beautiful images. Find you blog very inspiring. Sending you hugs! Veraiconica

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