Tree Swimming~


In a topsy-turvy world,


that spins,
like a ball,
in space,

fish swim in trees,

and plants grow upside down.
Cheers to you,
from a pond’s point of view.

274 thoughts on “Tree Swimming~

  1. Great reflections, Cindy. Have you ever tried cropping in tighter and turning the image upside down? I did this once and really liked the impressionistic feeling to the tree.


    • I did turn them upside down and the rippling effect in the water-sky was fascinating. I thought when I flipped them it would look like a regular photo. The rippling effect was much more confusing to the human eye that the mirrored upside-down reflections. Interesting, I agree with you Emilio.

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  2. They are simply amazing! They actually look like you took pictures on a hot sunny day and turned the pictures upside down. What a great idea Cindy.


  3. Awesome reflections. A new and clear perspective on an old clichรฉ, ‘We see through a glass darkly,’ but here, we see through the water clearly, and all of it beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚


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