The Holler Flaunts it’s Feathers~

Ahhh, home at The Holler!

I’ve told you before, The Holler is ‘for the birds.’

And this is just how we like it!
Check out the cheeky, chirpy ones.
The beep-beep felt like a photo-op today,
and even forgot to run away!
He actually posed and beeped, vain meeper!
The mocking bird was in modeling mode, although still a very coy boy.
Cheers to you from The Holler and the world’s best neighbors~

231 thoughts on “The Holler Flaunts it’s Feathers~

      • I imitate so many bird calls now from living at The Holler. I talk with the Great Horned Owls, The Ravens, The Red Tails, and The Mocking Birds. The mocking birds are fun because they imitate new sounds and the owls love long nightime conversations and sometimes a rival owl will swoop by my head at night, checking out the potential competition!


  1. Bonsoir Cindy Que sait joli
    Un regard, un sourire et une main
    Chaleureuse sur l’Γ©paule
    Valent mieux qu’un million
    De mots ou de phrases
    Ce que sent le cΕ“ur est plus profond
    Que ce qu’entends l’oreille
    Je te remercie d’Γͺtre lΓ  par ton amitiΓ©
    Je te souhaite une belle fin de semaine
    Un agrΓ©able week-end
    Avec de la joie et du bonheur au sein de ta demeure
    Bises, amitiΓ©
    Ce jour chez moi quelques flocons de neige sans plus


  2. Such wonderful photos! I really enjoyed the road runner – we used to see them all the time when we lived in Southern California, but they’ve largely disappeared with the population and housing explosion.


    • I’m getting some more for you, woodpeckers, western blue birds, western jays, there are whole bunches of species I am working on in our oak groves. I wonder why I never did this before? I put chairs in different areas and am amazed at what I am seeing!

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  3. How did you catch that beep, Cindy? I am so envious of your skills. We have few roadrunners around us and I am always chasing them but never get a decent shot. What are the little birds?


    • It is entirely up to the roadrunner. When he decides he wants some photoplay, he’ll pose. Ours have been posing a lot lately, but certainly not much before this! I would suggest ignoring the roadrunners when you are out and about. This offends them and they come closer! πŸ˜‰ They are hilarious. The little guys are house finch.

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      • Does that work with handsome guys, too? πŸ™‚ I will try ignoring them and see what happens. I have seen the house finch before but didn’t recognize them although the beak is distinctive.


  4. I have to wonder how those little guys allow you get close enough that they don’t flinch, and some of them look as though they’re striking a pose, lol. Beautiful photography Cindy. ❀


  5. The birds of a feather are wonderfully caught in your lens, Cindy. They charm me and give me happy feelings. You are so kind to share with us and spread the joy so far and wide. πŸ™‚


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