Amsterdam Seen~

In one day,

walking in Amsterdam,
you can find all sorts of unusual things.
In one day walking anywhere,

you can find remarkable things!
Just look and you’ll see.
Cheers to you,
from the unusual, the remarkable, the strange,

the beauty that is around you everyday!

235 thoughts on “Amsterdam Seen~

      • Oh how wonderful! I can’t wait to see your photos. My daughter and I were just talking about San Miguel and all the wonderful, artistically done houses because her friend was just there and I have a book on the houses in the living room called Casa Bohemia. We were talking about revisiting The Colonial Cities. I hope you visit Queretero and stop for lunch or dinner at La Casa de La Marquesa. It will bowl you over with beauty.


  1. You have an eye attuned to the unusual and photogenic Cindy. This is a great collection. I loved the cute pottery dogs, but I especially liked the pottery chooks behind them…


  2. So true – if you open your eyes and really look, the world is a pretty marvelous place. Too many of us focus on what the evening news shows us rather than what’s available for us if we will just observe it.


    • Thank you for mentioning the purple bar Halim. I loved the brave use of exuberant color and it worked. It was a happy, fun environmnet. Wonderful to hear from you my friend and hope all is well with you~


  3. I love the bike photo, bikes around the world 😊
    I also loved the rainbow chairs and pink chandeliers.
    I must stop and take more photographs of the everyday your collections are so fabulous and here for you to see whenever you want to reflect.


    • So thoughtful of you Charlotte. Amsterdam has some huge number of bikes, something over 60% of the population rides a bike daily, over 800,000 people. Switzerland and much of Europe is this way as you probably know better than I. Very impressive both for health, and for air quality. Happy weekend Charlotte and thanks for stopping by~


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