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  1. These are gorgeous, and peaceful. I especially feel the reverence of the church photos, Cindy, and that tiered landscaping is amazing. What calm water!!

  2. Such a timely post and beautiful, awe-inspiring images once again Cindy! This is the world as it should be – where people can create amazing beauty and enjoy it. Wow, I’m really inspired to see Germany one day, thanks to you! <3 ~Lynn

  3. Peace on earth..maybe if we all wish as hard as we can and try in our own way it will change eventually but has to come from us ..not politician and warmongers….we can but try and your pictures are a step forward…..Peace and love to you 🙂

  4. Beautiful pics, Cindy. What city was the cathedral? ….and what happened to that guy in the 1st pic ? That looks like one heck of a migraine !!!!! Hugs, Cuz. 🙂

      1. You too! You bring such feel-good moments to my life with your great photos and snippets from your travels. I know so many special places through you, Cindy. Thank you XX

  5. Thank you for this fantastic reminder of the peace and beauty that still exists in our dark and dangerous world Cindy….and for the beautiful images of sanctuary in the darkness…love and peace to you in these times of danger and fear 🙂 Icewolfie hugs 🙂

  6. Beautiful images again from you and difficult times for so many. I guess we always hope for peace but we have to somehow ‘do’ peace. Much harder but hope real stability can be brought about.

  7. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    WP keeps making changes and apparently has made some changes to the Reader –
    which I don’t use, though I know some of my friends do. If I posted at 2am you might see me in your reader too. But the earliest I do is about 6:30am during the week and later on the weekends.

    Lovely photos and safe travels, Jules

  8. I envy you and your camera.
    You because you get to go so many places.
    Camera because it clicks such beautiful Pics.
    Do visit for My Quotes of late.
    Love to You & keep going places for us to see.

  9. Thanks for the memories! I think I traveled this same route, Cologne, Amsterdam, The North Sea, Luxembourg…lots of places in between so many years ago. Nice to see it’s just as beautiful as I remember it!
    Happy holidays to you and yours! XO

      1. We are a species doomed to repeat our mistakes ad infinitum. We are all born with endless potential, for good and evil. It’s our choices that we can control. I have hope for us. That we will always step back from the brink. That the voice of reason will continue to be heard in each generation. We all have to be that voice of reason in our own little worlds.

      2. Yes! We are all given free will. Our choices are incredibly important, not only in our lives, but in the lives of others, and beyond, like ripples in the ocean spreading across the seas and reaching distant shores. We are all connected and the same, so killing makes no sense. When you kill someone, you are killing yourself too.

  10. Cindy, I was crying earlier, the newest shootings of 14 in California just tore me up. Apparently a person in the building texted for her family to pray for her. This post was made before but I need peace of mind. I will look once more at your images of beauty and your wise words, a sincere wish for Peace. ♡

  11. Christmas love
    spreads joyfully to
    friends, new and old, as
    natural as mountain streams
    flow under

    ice and snow
    still moving, to join.
    comes from sharing a
    round table. Buddha

    Jesus, Confucius,
    Abraham, Gandhi
    and Luther invite a pope
    to break bread

    under one God
    that all pray to here
    in Gwangju,
    there in Amsterdam,
    and Davao, where the

    hunt for food
    and water reverts to old
    ways, not the
    usual Christmas,
    but children scramble

    for goodies
    like coconuts, fruit, rare meat
    while we feast
    on turkey, baked so
    well, spring rolls folded

    and rolled by
    hands so delicate you can’t
    what they’ve done. Merry
    Christmas everyone.

    1. Whatever I have done in my life, is so worth it, to be able to meet people like you.
      Blogging has opened up a world of incredible people to me.
      I am so jazzed everyday,
      to see what this creative international community,
      has come up with while I am sleeping.
      I am blown away by you.
      Thank you.

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