Schöne Deutschland ~

I have purchased a German Laptop.
At least the keyboard has the umlaut.

I had to download my Sony photo editing software in German which is not easy.

But hey, my German vocabulary is rapidly improving!
Check out the gorgeous Rhine and some scenes from beautiful Germany in mid-November.
Wurtzberg and the river Main.

Germany is lovely in late fall.

Cheers um Sie aus Deutschland!

214 thoughts on “Schöne Deutschland ~

  1. Schöne! Schöne! Ja. I have to get there. My Dad was eight times in Germany and I never. He was with the job, but he promised he would take me one day 🙂

    1. It is only doable because I am somewhat familiar with computers. In truth it has been hard. Just doing this post will all the different German commands was difficult but I am catching on. I am sure I made mistakes….

      1. The mistakes, if any, slipped by me. How about a lovely German phrase in your next post to show us the umlaut and the and the double S, and other wonders of your keyboard!

  2. Gutan Tag Cindy! Wow, Germany has plenty of breathtaking examples of design and architecture I see! I just love that terraced hill (which looks like something out of a storybook) and that grand cathedral. Thank you for sharing these exquisite images! ~Lynn

  3. So happy to see your post on my reader this morning. 🙂 What a relief, for me, too 🙂 I was thinking of you and your laptop… the whole weekend. Thank you for the beautiful post, Cindy!

    1. You know full well what an effort it was to buy a laptop, switch as many language prompts as possible, install my Japanese photo editing software downloaded free online in a starbucks following prompts in German, and actually get out a post! Phewww……reminds me of grad school!

      1. I actually thought about the language and downloading software that you might have to go through… 🙂 It’s amazing you got it and made it work!!

  4. So glad you were able to find a suitable keyboard … when we were in Panama, I obtained a macbook to replace an old one, but didn’t realize it would have a Spanish keyboard, until I began making more typos that I care to admit to. I still have that unit, but only really use it for photoshop, now that I have a ‘real’ keyboard…

  5. Beautiful photos. Enjoy the trip and scenery. Have safe travel. P.S. Do you have to have all your texts and posts translated over to English before using or posting? Or does it automatically translate? It the laptop a German brand popular there? Hope you have good service with it.

  6. Stunning photos Cindy. I especially love the first one with the water’s reflection. And wow, a German keyboard, that must be a good learning curve. 🙂

  7. So happy you are computered again 🙂 The photos are magnificent. I’ve always figured the only way I’d ever learn a language that is different from my own is to be totally immersed in the culture of the new language…learn and survive 🙂

  8. Well if I had no laptop I’d learn what I needed in German too. I wouldn’t be happy about it but I’d do it rather than be without. I’d be quite bereft without one.
    Stunning photos as usual Cindy! Gorgeous.

  9. So glad you got a new laptop. Well done in getting it all set up! I saw your post on my iPhone earlier and came back to it on my iMac. Wow – the colors really pop on my computer! So glad I visited again Cindy!

  10. Beautiful pictures of autumn glory, Cindy! I’m sure you speak fluent German after this trip…particularly if you continue to use the laptop and the editing software 🙂

  11. Cindy, now I’m most impressed! I’d have gone without the laptop before purchasing one overseas — and trying to figure out how to make all the programs work right! Well done! I hadn’t realized Germany during the fall is so lovely!!

  12. Thank goodness for getting a new laptop! I was afraid we wouldn’t see many more photos until you got home. 🙂 Germany is indeed beautiful in the fall! I was there in the month of May and it was nice, but but nearly as gorgeous!

  13. Germany is so beautiful. I fell in love with it when we were there last summer and you’re pictures certainly reinforce my admiration for its beauty. These are as always great photos, Cindy. Enjoy your trip!!! Hugs, N 🙂 <3

  14. Wow, was für eine wunderschöne Novemberreise Du uns vom Rhein und Main mit den goldenen Herbstfarben zeigst, liebe Cindy. Wir haben in der Schweiz und Deutschland immer noch schönstes warmes Herbstwetter. Danke für’s zeigen. Ernst

  15. You made me smile 🙂 I was stationed in Wurzburg, I loved wandering through your photos which are stunning ! brought back some good memories
    You must be having a great time, I am envious 🙂
    Take Care…Stay Safe….You Matter
    and Thank you for sharing your gift,

  16. Lovely photos! We are considering a river cruise in a year or two and would like to know which company you took and why you didn’t like it so much…if you don’t mind sharing that info, of course.

  17. Wie immer hast du dich beim fotografieren selbst übertroffen… aber dein Deutsch lässt zu wünschen übrig… 😊 naaa just kidding – hope you bought a MacBook. Dann noch viel Spass hier bei uns…

  18. Cindy– you’re in Germany?!! how you get around! All the photos were incredible– but you saved the best for last. That church facade was glorious! Are you there for long? Do we get more photos?

      1. You have been here in winter! Just ate some insanely good chocolate and listened to the organ practice in the cathedral. Why doesn´t everyone come to Budapest in the winter?????

  19. Bueno, los idiomas que tienen signos especiales, tienen que adaptar su teclado. El español tiene diéresis, eñe…, pero estas dificultades se superan 😉
    Las fotos son preciosas. Buen fin de semana, Cindy <3

  20. Holy Shit, Cindy!! lol 😉 Sorry for that but WOW!! It never fails. When Inion and I come to your blog our mouths drop in wonder as our hearts go light & we relish in the beauty that you capture in photos. Said it before and we’ll say it again. You are an artist my dear; thru & thru!!!! <3 xoxo Luv these extraordinary pics & sharing them now.

  21. I lived in Würzburg for a while and had a west-facing 10th floor balcony flat overlooking the city. Festung Marienberg was the centerpiece of every sunset, and your photos certainly bring back some memories. Thanks!

  22. It’s lovely, indeed. Have you been in any public parks, yet? I believe some of the grandest trees I’ve ever seen in a public park in Europe were in Germany. If I remember right….. Have fun, Cindy.

  23. I think I have the option on my translator to use an umlaut. I have a lot of German friends having lived there inTrier for sometime. You’re post is magnificent and brings back many memories of the Rhineland. Gorgeous photos!

  24. When I visit you, I always feel I am blessed in such a great way…the radiance of your light just inspires, as it shines through the daily gifts you are allowed to share. God blesses many through your spiritual selfless eyes and heart! Love what you always share Cindy!

  25. Hi Cindy – I enjoyed all of your Germany posts. Those medieval signs are so unique and amazing. The sense of deep roots mixed with modern life is always a winning combination. And now, of course, I feel a bit homesick…

    1. So very pleased you enjoyed and yes I love seeing the old preserved and utilized daily in our modern world. This is something I have to travel to see and it is well worth the effort! I can well understand you feeling homesick for such carefully conserved beauty and history.

  26. The beauty of it all is that the darkness of Autumn is lifted up by the magnificent colours of the trees. and the man made colouring and glamorous buildings can have us dream away.

    Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pictures.

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