Stairway to Heaven~

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I found the stairway to heaven!

It is in Melk Abbey in lower Austria.

The Benedictine Abbey was founded in the 12th century and is the oldest continuously operating school in Austria.
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900 lucky co-educational pupils attend school here.
The Abbey over looks the The Danube River,
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and the medieval town of Melk which was the center of intellectual life in Austria in the middle ages.


It is off the beaten tourist path in November and is a wonderful place to explore.


Melk is in the Wachau Valley section of The Danube River which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Cheers to you from the stunning Wachau Valley~

326 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven~

  1. That stairway is so wonderful, but just looking at it makes me dizzy! Is the Abbey still owned/run by the Benedictines? And who ever thought of crocheting a bike! You have such a good eye for selection and composition, Cindy, as well as the photography itself.

  2. It is obvious that a good eye is operating a good camera with tripod when photographing such gorgeous subjects. What camera do you use? I used to buy Linhof’s publication, “Gross Bild”, I think was the name, with pictures of similar subjects taken with transparencies 4 X 5 and up. Your pictures bring those memories back.

  3. Wow what amazing photos! Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures! I love the stairway and the Abbey! It is so exciting to see these pictures and a different and beautiful place in the world!

  4. Oh, you certainly have found the stairway to heaven Cindy! And I see that it’s one that is paved with golden beauty! Those ceilings! There aren’t any places like that out here, is there? And to offset all that elegance, that wild, wacky bike! I just love this eclectic collection of images. Thank you Cindy! ~Lynn

    • Hah! You and me both. I listened to it again too……. Great minds listen to Led! πŸ˜‰ “In my mind I have seen, rings of smoke through the trees, and the voices of those who stand listening.”

  5. Remarkable capture of the stairway to Heaven, wow! The abbey is fantastic. Love the photo of the town. Thank you, Cindy for the stroll on a rainy, cold morning here. πŸ™‚

  6. You do know that’s where I come from right? Yes,the stairway to Heaven is in Austria and I remember it well. I went to a neighbor boarding school with Catholic nuns in a similar beautiful building.
    Vielen Dank fuer dieses wunderschoene post πŸ™‚

  7. Ever since seeing “The Sound of Music” as a kid, I’ve longed to visit Austria. Your photos only confirm that longing for me, Cindy. Thank you for sharing its beauty!!

  8. That photo of the stairway is wonderful Cindy!
    You are in such an interesting place! May your travels continue to bring surprises, smiles and wonder πŸ’›

  9. Exquisite and so artistic Cindy and you took the most amazing shots as well. I love love the bicycle too. So cute! You had the most amazing views of such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€

  10. WordPress is hiccuping for me today: yours is the second blog that didn’t show up in my reader. Good thing I decided to come by just to check or I would have missed these stunning photos! The stairway is magnificent! I could spend all day staring at it. 😊

  11. Oh, if only the walls could talk – can you imagine all the remarkable conversations that were held on this “stairway to heaven.” I love traveling with you, my dear friend…

    • You are the best travel companion Rebecca and yes, I can just imagine the conversations in the stairwell. The stairway connects the church to the library and rivals the library in Vienna. So amazing, filled with ancient books on philosophy, science, medicine and religion. I could live there!

  12. A wonderful place, and indeed worth a visit. I’d like to do that tour again – I havent been there since I was sixteen…and that, was loooong ago. Marvellous shots.

  13. Hubby’s side is 1/4 from Austria. But so long ago I couldn’t tell you were. They escaped oppression to the states.

    Beautiful photos. I never did get to learn how to do photos yet. I spent about three weeks in Kentucky with Hubby while he worked this summer. And well now we are nearing the the beginning of winter.

    That yarn-bombed bike was interesting. We’ve had a few trees done around here. I thought it was an American thing. Guess though that bike isn’t going anywhere…

    Love the stairs! Almost off to our second TG… Continue to explore where you are!
    Hugs, Jules

  14. Gosh, these are amazing pictures. The intricate designs and architecture is very impressive. I also love that crocheted bike. What a fascinating place to visit. πŸ™‚

  15. Beautifully majestic. I was away in Galveston and really missed everyone. It was a needed vacation provided by my daughter and her family. We enjoyed it tremendously. I found myself energized by the sunrises and sunsets and standing with angels as the life giving waters embraced the sea shore. Your pictures move my spirit in wonderful ways. Thanks for sharing Cindy!

  16. It definitely feels to be in heaven Cindy!
    All those Phots that you have posted; I felt as if I was going with you to the places.
    Serenity all over.
    It worth visiting the place, if one can’t, should visit your blog.
    I welcome you to read my Etheree -“The Shining Rock”

  17. Cindy, the Abbey, the staircase and the reflection of the castle-like building were gorgeous images. (I realize this holds a school from your description! Wow!) It must have been difficult to limit this post, as you would have been taking innumerable photos. This may be your favorite trip, as it is MY favorite “ride along” in your suitcase trip! πŸ™‚

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  19. Ein fantastischer Bericht, liebe Cindy. I know Austria, because I have working 1 year in Salzburg. Ich kenne deshalb Melk auch eine wunderschΓΆne Abtei, gell. Liebe GrΓΌsse Ernst

    • I do hope you visit and spend some time in The Abbey. It will be one of those stay with you a lifetime memories. Truly celestial and utterly peaceful. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and be well Kev~

  20. **Embarrassing moment reminder** When I was a (stroppy?) teenager, I went to Melk with my parents. Wonderful. However after the visit my mother saw a display of postcards with the sign “Stift” (which I knew to mean Abbey / Monastery) and assuming it mean “Postcard”, asked if she caught buy “ein Stift”… RH

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