Sayling Away~

Once again we’re sayling away.
On a last minute flight to Europe for free.
The weather will be cold.
The skies will be grey.
But Europe is Europe,
and is good anyday!
Talk to you soon from Amsterdam~

198 thoughts on “Sayling Away~

    • Well there was one tiny unmentioned catch, ,it was a Viking river cruise and the rivers have become un-navigable due to drought! Still we are off das boat and are so happy to be in Budaphest now for the Christmas markets! We saw them in Germany, Vienna and Slovakia too, which was wonderful!


      • Hope you have a wonderful serendipitous time. When we lived in Spain, they had beautiful Christmas markets on the plazas too. Hundreds of nativity scene pieces and old sorts of Christmas sweets. Wish I could see all the ones you are seeing… Here, I’m just stuck with the mall! have fun!


  1. Have a wonderful time, Cindy. We actually had blue sky all day, at least over my town on the SE coast of the UK. Quite unusual, though. It rained for most of the time I was in the Isle of Wight the weekend before, not to mention the gale that was blowing and the choppy crossing I had on the ferry on the way there. I don’t know what the weather has been like in the rest of Europe, though.


    • We have had sun most of the time. Encountered your storm in Viennna, and the first day in Budapest. So dreary and cold. But this morning awoke in Budapest to cold, crisp, sunshine and clean wonderful air. Excellent photo day and the city has no tourists, although I met a lovely male exchange student from New Hampshire. I always meet US exchange students in Europe. They make excusΓ©s to talk to me because they are missing their momΒ΄s. Love them. my daughter was one once…….

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