The Hidatsa or Minnetaree Native People named Yellowstone National Park Mitseadazi which means yellow rock river.
Since then scholars have gotten into all sorts of disagreements about where the Hidatsa saw these yellow rocks in Yellowstone.
I don’t really get the disagreements, yellow rocks and stones are everywhere here!
This is my last post on the American West.
I can imagine how beautiful it must be now,
filling with silent snow,
as the critters hunker down,
for the long, cold, Yellowstone winter.
Cheers to you from the finally raining Holler_

197 thoughts on “Mitseadazi~

  1. Yellowstone is such a wonderful place for learning about geology, if you can take time out from admiring the beauty and the wildlife. Another thing that impresses me about Yellowstone is how quickly it recovered from the devastating forest fires of several years ago. I have good memories of the walkway you showed. –Curt


    • We have been in YS during two previous fires. You can still see some of the burned areas. I remember driving up to Yellowstone when the kids were little, with snow still on the ground and fire burning in the pine trees. In Glacier fires were still burning when we were there. YS is simply remarkable in terms of it’s geothermal and seismic activity. It’s still forming!

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      • Yeah, some scientists call it a super volcano due to the massive size of past eruptions. The yellowstone caldera is 45 miles in diameter and still is oozes lava. It is an active volcano. 1-3000 eartquakes occur in Yellowstone each year. It is a geological wonder. I always feel like I am journeying into the earth’s crust when I go there.


  2. Your beautiful photos just reminded me of the wonderful time that I spent in Yellowstone Park years ago! Thank you Cindy for this great post! πŸ™‚ H.J.


  3. Just plain beautiful. I must go. Went to Yosemite in CA years a go and loved it – now Yellowstone must happen.
    Thank you for sharing your trip and wonderful pics!


  4. There is something truly magical to be found in Yellowstone – or Mitseadazi – incredible photos, and I too wonder what it would look like with a blanket of snow. Your 6th shot is so serene, natural and beautiful, and yet it also is the shot with tourists which goes to show how the two mix so well together there. Enjoy your day!


    • They certainly provide perspective on the immensity of the place. Wouldn’t it be incredible to visit in winter with the animals near the warm geysers. Of course the bears would be sleeping…..


      • It would be great to visit in the winter…and while the bears may be sleeping, maybe I could ask you to walk into their caves, poke them with a stick and then I’d be able to get some great action shots along side the warm geysers πŸ™‚ Or, of course, we could just enjoy the peace of the place πŸ™‚


  5. Mitseadazi… Mitseadazzle!
    Wow, you sure visit some beautiful places.
    I’ve been a bit cloistered in order to focus on a new Art Gown. Can’t believe how many posts I missed.
    Happy to hear about rain in the Holler!


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