Dia de los Muertos~

November 1st & 2nd are days for remembering, respecting and honoring dead loved ones in Mexico, many Latin American countries, Spain and Hollerdom.

DSC03338 (2)
The Holler is close to the border with Mexico and is blessed with a large Latin American population so the tradition has become familiar.
DSC03340 (2)
Marking the Day of the Dead began in Aztec times and was able to survive the cultural suppression of the missionaries.
I admire cultures that remember and remain connected to their deceased ancestors.
In memory and respect for all our ancestors, and for those who honor them~

121 thoughts on “Dia de los Muertos~

  1. I too feel the same, cultures that remember and remain connected to their deceased ancestors is special (they have tomb cleaning day in China). And these photos of dia de muertos is a reminder of how I would like very much to see experience this in person myself. Beautiful.


  2. Wonderful post!
    It’s crazy how our forefathers felt the need to re-educate the Aztec descendants to their western ways. It is so disrespectful that any culture or religion tries to convert peoples of another ilk.


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