Bouncing Baby Buffalos~

don’t like birds on their bum!
Some fight with their friends,
while others prefer their sulfur-bath time!
They are cute enough,
to want to bring home,
although they need their prairie to roam.
Cheers to you from Yellowstone’s baby buffalos~

212 thoughts on “Bouncing Baby Buffalos~

  1. I see where the buffalo roam, but there aren’t any deer or antelope playing there…, must be a private buffalo spa !!! I’ve always thought they were magnificent beasts…, and to think, millions of them roamed the plains, until civilization came. Happy Sunday, Cuz. 🙂


  2. Hi Cindy, thanks for browsing through my blog now and then, for your likes and now for following it. A bit courious though, do you really understand Swedish or do you use google translation? If so, that must give you quite a few laughs. 🙂


  3. Interesante reportaje Cindy. Los búfalos son imponentes. Al ver a estos animales, tan americanos, me traslado a las películas de “indios y vaqueros” de mi infancia.


  4. Cindy: I don’t think we’ll ever come to your blog and not feel overwhelmed, by your gift. What unbelievable pictures. We felt as though we could reach out and touch these furry buffalo. Luv the one pic of the buffalo on his back; to freaking adorable. and the last pic…stunning!!! What an artist you are!!! Sharing these pics now.


    • Awwww, you are such kind and generous blogging friends. I was pretty suprised with the sulphur baths, all these buffalos with their hooves in the air! So cute. Very pleased you enjoyed and cheers my friends~


    • I was using a figure of speech. There is an old saying, “She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy,” who knows what the derivation of this saying is, but I just applied to the buffalo. It really makes no sense at all either way!

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  5. They are so cute and they look furriendly, but I wouldn’t dare to get on their back like that bird does 😀 Amazing pictures again, dear Cindy and what a beautiful environment. Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤


  6. Liebe Cindy du hast aber auch so wunderschöne Fotos von den Büffeln und man kann ahnen von dem weiten Land tolles Foto hab einen schönen sonnigen Mittwoch und wünsche dir einen glücklichen Tag mit ganz lieben Grüßen Klaus in Freundschaft Klaus


  7. Yellowstone was beautiful, and it offered so much during my visit there a couple years ago…but what absolutely made it a visit were the buffalos. These shots you have are AWESOME ~


  8. Oh golden prairies! I flew into Edmonton in a smaller prop plane on Wednesday and got great shots of the patchwork prairies. The topography is so different from the air. I do prefer
    terra-firma to peeking out at the clouds, but there’s privilege in making like a bird now and again. If I was a little bird, I wouldn’t set myself on that buffalo, he probably smells pretty ripe from his beloved sulfur-bath. I might just swing by and wave a wing from up high. 😀 x k


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  10. Wow! They do look cute and rmind me of “Home onn the range”, which I haven’t heard since I was 10 or so. Your posts remind me of the diversity of our world and the need to protect all it’s creatures xx Rowena


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