Waterton Lakes National Park Canada~

At the beginning of the 19th century, there were an estimated 1.5-2 million big horn sheep in North America.
By 1900 that estimate had dropped to several thousand.
Conservation efforts have brought current populations up to approximately 70,000.
We saw several groups in Waterton Lakes National Park.
Waterton is busy in July and August and essentially closes in late September. In the town of Waterton, most summer residents leave, with only around twenty or so souls remaining year round. The day we left the winds were blowing at 65km/h with gusts up to 90km/h! It gets COLD here fast and the locals tell me winter can be hard to take, with everything shrouded in mist. I would love to visit in winter and do a post about what life is like in a town where almost everyone has left!
The road to Waterton.
The iconic Prince of Wales Hotel brooding over the stark fall landscape. How would you like to stay here as the winter caretaker while the hotel is closed all winter long? I would love it, as long as Jack Nicholson doesn’t visit! No ‘Shining’ for me, thank you very much.
Cheers to you from gorgeous and uncrowded Waterton Lakes~

152 thoughts on “Waterton Lakes National Park Canada~

  1. I actually visiting the hotel from the Shining in Estes Park, Colorado. Its far less menacing without all the creepy special effects…and Jack.

    What a fascinating place. Do you think you’ll brave that winter and go back?


  2. It would be an interesting experience to be the last one standing after all the “birds” have flown South. So deep and brooding. The hotel looks spectacular and must have so many stories to tell!


  3. Beautiful photos, Cindy! Despite being retired now, I have done no blogging at all, and very little reading even! We have been enjoying ourselves, though. We’ve done a lot of traveling in the RV, and a motorcycle ride to Waterton from West Glacier was one of our adventures in early August. I guess the amount of tourists must have scared the big horn sheep into the high range, because we didn’t see any. Next trip to Glacier and Waterton will NOT be in season. πŸ™‚


  4. Hey, no fair! I’m from Canada and I never heard of Waterton Lake! (OK, confession time. In truth I thought it was called Glacier National Park!)


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