The Elk are Bugling~

As fall descends in Yellowstone and the Tetons,
painting the trees golden-yellow,
the elk are rutting,
and posturing.
They become so exhausted by all this effort, they bugle while resting!
The calves,
and does,
provide a peaceful contrast!
Cheers to you from the Tetons in the fall~

260 thoughts on “The Elk are Bugling~

  1. Did you hear any “boogy woogy” in any of that bugling, Cuz? I love that time of year out there. Yellowstone – for its exciting scenes and adventure, and the Tetons for their peace and serenity. I always liked to get off the “beaten path” in both places. Hugs ! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I love the Tetons, Cyndy. I’ve taken that top photo, or very close to it. I was once charged by several elk, which was an interesting experience. Fortunately, I managed to chase them off by behaving weirdly. (I pretended I was a giant ape. ๐Ÿ™‚ The elk decided to go elsewhere.) -Curt

    BTW, thanks for your comment on the hams. Once again I started typing before I was in the box, which makes the comments disappear. Grrr.


    • I got in the middle of a couple of charges, where the dominant bull is chasing off a rival. I ducked behind trees. It got my adrenalin going and I loved it. I think only you would understand this! I did see them go after some hikers directly and that was scary. Bull elk like their space. I have a photo of some tourists taking a selfie with a herd of buffalo. They were a foot away…….no wonder there are so many gorings this year.


  3. Amiga Cindy: Te veo disfrutando de ese maravilloso paisaje y de los animales libres. Se nota por las preciosas fotos que publicas. Me alegra que lo estรฉs pasando bien. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. The Fall colors are absolutely stunning. These are fantastic shots of the elk ruling. They are here too and we are no longer taking slow strolls up the road by the farmers field where the herd hand out in the Fall.
    Have a good week end.


    • Wonderful to hear from you! I’ve been thinking about you! I know there has been a lot going on with you, some great events like, your marriage, and some not so great, like your surgery. Hope all is well with you my friend, and yes, Yellowstone is one of those magical places, with all the wonderful American wildlife. Thanks for touching base and be well my friend. Much love~ โค

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    • Yellowstone gets crowded because it is such an American icon, but it is so huge. There are so many inacessible parts. Vast tracks of it are still fully wild. You have to go to Yellowstone Lake to even to begin to see this wonder.

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  5. Cindy, you have hit me where it counts here ~ there are very few animals to me as regal as an elk, and you’ve captured all of their spirit with these shots…and then to do so in a place so beautiful (the opening landscape shots are surreal). Simply beautiful, as you always do ~


    • You know I hold your work in similar esteem, so your comments are very much appreciated. I had so much fun with the elk, essentially running away FAST when I got between two males. It was an adrenalin experience and I loved it. They really are magnificent creatures.


  6. Wow, ‘pretty as a picture’ takes meaning here today. It all seems rather unspoiled and that’s very appealing to me. I’m always worried when I see Elk or bears on the hi-way and wish they’d stay up high on the mountains. Then, If you weren’t willing to hike, you aren’t going to see them. All that bugling must be loud. I hope they have a good winter, with lots to eat. xk


    • Aren’t the elk gorgeous! I have never been so close to them before and I never realized how LARGE the males are. Pheww!! They are big they are fast and they are CRANKY during rut. I had sooooo much fun dodging behind trees when they decided to run pell mell right through my sheltered spot when they spotted a rival male, I didn’t see behind me. Talk about 101 tons of fun!

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