Boo Bear Loves his Berries~

and he will go to great lengths to get them!
If he gets jam on his head,
he just takes a nap in the berry patch!

There are lots of nice places to snooze,
in Glacier National Park,
and no one wakes you up!
Humans like it too!
Cheers to you from Glacier’s little brown bears~
Note: I miss you & your blogs! We have no wifi now in Yellowstone, so I will touch base when I can.

224 thoughts on “Boo Bear Loves his Berries~

  1. I visited Yellowstone as a young child with my parents and 3 siblings. I remember the bear’s claws in the back window my brother had rolled down!!! My mom’s head was so close to those long “nails” (is that what they are called).

  2. What beautiful scenery, Cindy — thanks for bringing it to life for us! Love the baby bear, too — the jam on its head somehow makes it seem almost human, ha!

  3. El oso camina con la tranquilidad de estar en sus dominios. El paisaje de las montañas es espectacular. Me recuerda el Valle de Ordesa, aquí en España, en el Pirineo Aragonés. Espero que lo visites algún día. 😉
    Un abrazo fuerte ❤

  4. Awesome photographs of the bear – something so very special about the quietness of nature and seeing what’s around you. Wonderful Cindy!

  5. The reflection in that last photo!! Brilliant! All the pictures were beautifully brightly shot. Loved them Cindy. (Happy rest from wifi!! We’re up to our family Big Bear Cabin for he weekend and will only have phones– it’s a nice break, sitting around with real books!)

    • I think maybe we can place people into two categories, just for fun, bear lovers, and,……..everyone else. Of course you are in the first catergory! ❤ ❤

  6. Stunning vista’s Cindy and enchanting visit with Boo. Your photo’s bring out the gentleness in nature and while I wouldn’t get too close, it’s nice your super duper camera can. Thanks for taking us to the berry patch x K

    • Yes, sony zoom brings you Boo Bear!!! Although Boo Bear did walk right by us, he was solely focused on the berries. I was so shocked by his arrival, that I fumbled most of the photos!

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