Boo Bear Loves his Berries~

and he will go to great lengths to get them!
If he gets jam on his head,
he just takes a nap in the berry patch!

There are lots of nice places to snooze,
in Glacier National Park,
and no one wakes you up!
Humans like it too!
Cheers to you from Glacier’s little brown bears~
Note: I miss you & your blogs! We have no wifi now in Yellowstone, so I will touch base when I can.

224 thoughts on “Boo Bear Loves his Berries~

  1. nice…i’ve heard it said that if a person gets lost to survive just watch what the critters eat…that stuff should be safe for humans too…idk how reliable that is…that water looked mean and cold…have fun

  2. Timothy Price

    Fantastically beautiful photos. I’m sure you were told to wear bear bells to warn bears you were in the area, and to carry pepper spray just in case? And I’m sure you also learned how to tell the difference between black bear crap and grizzly bear crap, since you probably learned the answer to the age old question “Do bears crap in the woods?” is that’s about all they do. We’ll you probably also learned that while black bear bear crap has lots of seeds from eating berries, grizzly bear crap often has bells and smells like pepper.

  3. I’ve long to see and photograph bears in the wild ~ and to do so in Glacier must have been a sight to see. Great series of shots, and the landscape there is something else. Take care!

    1. Thanks Randall. The most concentrated brown bear experience we have had is in the Knight Inlet on Vancouver Island and we are going back next year, that said, we have seen bears every day in Glacier. Sounds like an upcomming trip for you~

      1. Yes, we’re in the last week of 5 weeks in Turkey, but of course the blog is as usual 4 months behind lol. Next few posts will be about Australia’s Top End. On Sept 30 we go to Jordan, and Egypt after that. Loving Turkey!

  4. Oh yes, getting those berries is no easy task! I can personally attest to that. That picture of him with jam on his head is so sweet! Perhaps he’s taking some to go!

    Love the beautiful spaciousness out there! Have a wonderful time Cindy! ~Lynn

  5. Let me say something about Boo Bear’s relatives… their breath really smells foul! Having one snort in my face, with only the fabric of a tent between us, I can provide expert testimony. Imagine the putrid aroma of a rotting fish, and you might get an idea of how bad it was!

    Eat more berries, Boo, more berries!

    Lovely post!

  6. The river picture and boat dock, etc. all are familiar places to me we went to, also. Those berried the bear eats are ones we have also on shrubs on our mountain property, and I think are OK for humans, too. I’ve tasted them and they are good, but we leave them too for the black bears that come around when we are not up there. Great pics, again, Cindy. Safe traveling back to the Hollar. πŸ™‚

  7. If the bear is lucky he will have a friend come and clean the top of his head. Personality wise he’d get along with my cat. She sticks her head in the food bowl and refuses to move as I’m trying to put the food in — she doesn’t care if the gravy is dripping down her head or not. πŸ˜€ Are there lots of bears so that it is easy to spot them or are you the bear whisperer and they come to you?

    1. There really are a lot of bears in Glacier and Waterton. We saw them every day. I think your cat sounds very wise. After he finishes eating, he can spend hours trying to lick the gravy off his head! πŸ˜‰

  8. Great photos – he doesn’t look so small to me! We saw some awesome Kodiak bears in Denali – humongous golden brown bundles of fur eating berries like crazy, to pack on some fat for winter .

  9. How beautiful and love the baby bear eating the berries. We have a large black berry patch out back in the woods and the bears have been spotted out there a lot and the rangers have put up warnings, and finally closed that section of the woods.

  10. He looks so cute, I’m sure he is big in size. You must be very close to the bear. Gorgeous scenery, Cindy! Thank you for thinking of us while you are traveling. πŸ™‚

  11. Beautiful place….I wish i couled be there! There are some bears in my area, but i have never seen them….
    BTW, I’ve hust visited your Goodreads page and enjoy reading your book reviews!
    Thank you so much for sharingβ™‘

  12. I visited Yellowstone as a young child with my parents and 3 siblings. I remember the bear’s claws in the back window my brother had rolled down!!! My mom’s head was so close to those long “nails” (is that what they are called).

  13. What beautiful scenery, Cindy — thanks for bringing it to life for us! Love the baby bear, too — the jam on its head somehow makes it seem almost human, ha!

  14. El oso camina con la tranquilidad de estar en sus dominios. El paisaje de las montaΓ±as es espectacular. Me recuerda el Valle de Ordesa, aquΓ­ en EspaΓ±a, en el Pirineo AragonΓ©s. Espero que lo visites algΓΊn dΓ­a. πŸ˜‰
    Un abrazo fuerte <3

    1. Vamos a Espana de nuevo el proximo ano . Estamos visitando Madrid, Barcelona , Valencia , Mallorca, Cartagena . Voy a buscar estas montanas. Me encanta Espaan y mi querido amiga!

  15. The reflection in that last photo!! Brilliant! All the pictures were beautifully brightly shot. Loved them Cindy. (Happy rest from wifi!! We’re up to our family Big Bear Cabin for he weekend and will only have phones– it’s a nice break, sitting around with real books!)

    1. I love Big Bear and can picture you there. I hear it is warm over there right now. We are currently in Yellowstone and seeing lots of wildlife, grizzlies, trumpeter swans, buffalo, and elk and it is warm! Thank you for you very kind comments and enjoy the mountains!

  16. Stunning vista’s Cindy and enchanting visit with Boo. Your photo’s bring out the gentleness in nature and while I wouldn’t get too close, it’s nice your super duper camera can. Thanks for taking us to the berry patch x K

    1. Yes, sony zoom brings you Boo Bear!!! Although Boo Bear did walk right by us, he was solely focused on the berries. I was so shocked by his arrival, that I fumbled most of the photos!

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