Driving Etiquette Amongst Wild Elephants~

It is important to know proper etiquette when self driving among ellies. First you need to know that elephants love to eat and run,
and they love to cross roads.
They especially love eating and running whilst crossing roads.
But more than all these things combined, they love to block roads. What do you do when an elephant blocks the road?
You wait.
The worst thing of course is to inadvertently block the path of an irritable, lone bull elephant in musk, in pursuit of his disinterested, and fast disappearing, beloved.
What do you do when this happens?
Pray you can get the heck out of his way.
Elephants love to knock over trees, and they even love to try and knock over trees, they can’t knock over.
What do you do when this happens?
Watch, until the ellie gets really frustrated at the tree, and then get the heck out of his way.
The biggest tip to keep in mind when driving among wild ellies?
Do whatever the ellie wants you to do, cuz they really are so much bigger than you!
Cheers to you from South Africa’s intelligent, incredible, irreplaceable Pachyderms!

264 thoughts on “Driving Etiquette Amongst Wild Elephants~

    • Oh how wonderful. This makes blogging so worthwhile for me. Tell Tom if I have another elephant to post, I will dedicate it to him, and give him my very best wishes to keep feeling better! Abrazos mi amiga~ ❤ ❤

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