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      1. Yes. I never really understood how some parents can care only for their own children, when all children are our gift and our responibility, and we only get one chance in life to do right by them!

  1. ¡Qué sonrisas! Me encanta la naturalidad con que se manifiestan los niños. Y los de las dos primeras fotos parecen muy traviesos y que se están preparando para alguna travesura. Preciosas fotos. 🙂

  2. Children are so vulnerable and all we want for them is to have a bright future. Clean drinking water, health care, education and a safe place to live. These kids represent those I worked with in Haiti and Tanzania. What lovely faces you captured, Cindy. I love the school shots. They love the attention. 😊

    1. Everyone of them was a potential movie star in my eyes! What natural hams. Everything I did, they imitated perfectly. It was hilarious and they certainly thought so too! And yes, if we don’t take care of our children, we are a failed mammalian species. They are the most important of all!

    1. Yes two eleven hour flights!
      Winter is awesome. The mosquitos aren’t a problem, there is little rain, so the animals congregate by water holes, and the brush is less thick so photography is easier

  3. Cindy, you are so undeniably on point with this post. What are our children but our most important and most valuable treasures…, our legacy. The world needs to safeguard, educate, and protect them with more than passing intent. Thanks for sharing this post, Cuz. It’s an important one !

  4. Oh my goodness, Cindy! I absolutely love the children’s joyful dancing and looking at the camera, too. You had a wonderful time with them, I am so sure. Thanks for blessing us all with this special message and reminder. We are caregivers of the world, for we wish children to be taken care of and protected. (May I say, “Amen to that, sister!”)

  5. I am beside myself with joy and overwhelmed with the love that you captured in this post! All my best to all these sweet children and those who love them <3

  6. Delightful post, Cindy! Children are the future and we need to ensure they can thrive, everywhere. This too brings back great memories. Thank you!

  7. We found the people of South Africa to be very welcoming and gracious, in whatever circumstances we met them. And, for all the fear of crime, with razor wire atop so many fences and walls, we never felt in danger… well, except for when the lion wacked it tall against the side of the van, or the rhino, which could have pushed us into a ditch came within a few feet… but those were different interactions. 🙂

    1. Yes, the park itself feels quite safe to me. I think it depends a lot on where you are. We got stopped by a police man in a dicey area outside the park when we got lost, which was not alot of fun.

  8. This is beautiful, Cindy! We have just celebrated Child Month in Jamaica, although there is little to celebrate as our children are under so much pressure, mostly from crime, violence and sexual abuse… We must treasure our precious little ones. Thank you!

    1. Yes, I hear you. As a clinical social worker for 27 years I am way too familiar with the effects and realities of child abuse. Thank you for what you are doing to help~

  9. Only hearts made of pure love could radiate such joy — and only a loving someone could recognize it and pass it one to us. Thank you. <3

    1. Child abuse is at the root of of so many structural evils in our world today, and as you point out, increased awareness hasn’t done enough to stop it. We don’t need more conferences and research. We need more preventive and interventive programs and people to run them.

      1. We spend on the researh but not on progams that could actually protect children. We do this over and over, with all sorts of funded studies, and conferences to review the research, and then implement nothing to actually address the problem. This is especially true in child abuse.

  10. Beautiful. I just watched “On the Way to School” with my kids, Dorian included (who loved it with all of the animals, water, and children), and they featured the journey of two children from Kenya. They had such a tough journey, and they were such brave and beautiful children. This was a great post, and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for sharing these children with your children. I wish, wish, wish, I could tell these children what a reception that have gotten and how many people around the world love them. Can you imagine how happy this would make them?

      1. Oh I would love to as well… That would be wonderful. I thought that when watching the documentary as well. I wanted to sit down and have a conversation with each of them.

    1. What a beautiful way of putting it! Yes, and the people who are the hardest to love are often the one’s who need it the most. Thank you for your insight~

      1. Yes, I know we hear kid. And yes, I am happy with my kids being young. I feel I am constantly dueling with electronics for their attention, though. I think that pressure has really magnified in the last 20 years.

  11. Liebe Cindy das sind ja sehr Ausstruck starke Fotos super gemacht einen schönen sonnigen Sonntag wünsche ich dir mit vielen lieben Grüßen Klaus in Freundschaft

    1. Yes! I don’t normally take photos of people. I think it has to do with being a psychotherapist for so many years. I respect people’s privacy pretty strongly~

  12. So priceless…their genuine smiles, and the biggest one I love is the one behind the camera…love you Cindy…you always capture the right moments that leave our hearts smiling brightly!

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