Aquatic Equations~


Mathematical silhouettes slither submerged,
(click to enlarge)


concealing cold calculus.


Silent, strategizing,


rate over distance, and time, always time.


Crocodile minds synchronized,


as they patiently wait to kill.


Even huge elephants know,


to give this tactician wide berth!

Cheers to you from the formidable and ecologically important, African Crocodiles~

221 thoughts on “Aquatic Equations~

  1. Amazing prehistoric creatures Cindy. Over here they are a protected species as they were being hunted to extinction in the early 1900’s. Now they have recovered so fast they are almost in plague proportions up north. Because they are top of the food chain…


  2. Excellent pictures Cindy, the ones of the Crocodiles are great, that first picture was beautifully captured by the photographer, it says a lot about the creature, stealth and calculating.


    • Well thank you. I did like it and I have another I took of the same gator with less zoom with the thatched roof place we were staying in the back. It has a spooky effect with the gator just this little pencil in the very still river. I meant to include it, but actually forgot which is annoying.

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  3. It sounds like those elephants are a lot smarter than some tourists in Australia’s Top End who seem to go swimming in water holes despite signs warning about the croc’s. Most of the are certainly no Steve Irwin or Crocodile Dundee!


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