Stork V Elephant~

The Saddle Billed Stork was loafing in his pond today,
when the elephants decided he was in their way.
The ellies, snorted, bellowed and chased,
DSC07144 (1)
the stork leaped, jumped and flapped.
The ellies were dumbfounded by this unusual stork,
and decided it would be wise to yield the way.
Every stork must have his day!
On borrowed internet. Back to civilization in a few more days. Until then, cheers to you from the remote Oliphants River in Kruger National Park~

140 thoughts on “Stork V Elephant~

  1. What a gorgeous and spunky stork! Seems to be doing a dance in the middle photos. And awww… baby elephants! Thanks for these amazing pictures Cindy. ❀ ~Lynn


  2. Difrute los dΓ­as que le quedan en ese precioso Parque Nacional Kruger. Por aquΓ­ seguiremos esperando sus fotos para deleitarnos con las historias que nos cuenta sobre los animales πŸ˜‰


  3. Wondering about you today Cindy – your trip is showing to be fantastic. Love the shots of the family of elephants making their way across the river.


    • We were staying at Olifants rest camp in Kruger National Park in a rennovated prime view unit that affords panoramic views over the Olifants river so one can sit on your patio and watch all the different herds of animals come to drink. One can observe predator/prey interactions. Eagles soar at eye level. The view is just stunning and the National Park camps are a very economical way to get deeply into the bush without a guide/babysitter.


  4. Pretty amazing photos, Cindy. (You are quite the jet-setter!) Is that a young herd? I read somewhere that the loss of matriarchs leaves young herds with a great loss of knowledge, which impacts their survival. They are such wise, beautiful creatures.


  5. very cool photos and now we know what the stroks do when they are not delivering all those babies – glad they can hit up the water and relax with friends – ha!


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