Lavender, Passion & Furbees~

Fuzzy Wuzzy,
was a bee!
The bees are buzzin,
cuz The Holler’s bloomin…..
Furbees favor passion flowers,
and lavender.
But this buggy-buzzer likes blooming blue sage!
Soon we can eat the passion fruit too!
Cheers to you from the Holler furbees, flowers & fruit~

220 thoughts on “Lavender, Passion & Furbees~

      1. Enlighten me. I do stupid very easy. πŸ™‚ These comments on my PC and WordPress say March 25 between 1:45am and 2:01am. You’d have to be in Greenland for that to be accurate and still on the same continent. What am I not seeing?

      2. Laughing, Not mysterious at all. Greenwich Mean Time is constant so it orients me when moving through big time changes while traveling. Part of my brain remains in a universal time even while home because I am sensitive to time change and this minimizes it. You are quite clever to have noticed it and figured it out.

    1. They are just the bees knees aren’t they! My hubby’s gonna razz me for this one! The eyes really are remarkable aren’t they! And they have built in shades! 😎

  1. Zee bees, zee bees
    Come and go as ze please
    Through ze flowers and trees
    ‘Scuze me while I sneeze,
    it’s ze flowers and trees
    And zose bees
    Did you kno zey have knees???
    Love the pics, Cindy. Didn’t know that Passion Flowers had a fruit. The ones I’ve seen around here don’t. I envy you your springtime. We just got another 4in of snow. The crocus, tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils dont know what to think. I had just taken the styrofoam covers off the roses too. Hope all will survive this cold snap. The rest of this week and early next is only supposed to be in upper 30s daytime and low 20s at night.
    “Spring will be a little late this year”. Hugs, Cuz…….. πŸ™‚

    1. Listen cuz we need to talk. We could start a joint operation here. My pics, your prose! We could call it Barton & Barton: Pics & Prose! Eeeks about the snow, hard for me to even hear it so I know how much it is grating on you! So sorry cuz~

  2. In your previous post you showed us how civil the Holler is. Now we see passion. Next there will be drama. The Holler has it all. (Is it almost Wagnerian? πŸ˜€ ) Gorgeous.

    1. You said the Wagner word! Now Jim will be blasting the Ring Cycle saying you requested it! Do you know I actually sat through the entire cycle? Some 18 hours of opera over several days? I hope the only drama we get here is Gotterdammerung on the stereo! Drama I do not like! Cheers to you Anne. I just left you a message on your post~

  3. BEEautiful! Thought I’d keep what was going on in the above comments going. Seriously though, there’s nothing quite like that purple against the paler parts of the passion flower petals. It’s so wonderful that we have have these exotic beauties out here in California, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  4. Ms Cindy, beautiful pictures and a cute little poem. The only bad part about bee’s though is their stingers, they will pop you on your fingers, nose, and toes, if you let them.

    1. I have been stung, I think twice in my life, but considering how close I nose around them, this is really quite infrequent. They like people best when they are still I think~

    1. Hibernation sounds nice, fire. tea, English cottage all that peacefulness. We are crossing the Atlantic by boat and spending one day in Southampton, before catching the flight to Johannsberg. We just booked a tour of Windsor which I know is such a touristy thing to do but I don’t care. I’ve never been in any of QE2’s palaces and I am so looking forward to it. I hope she doesn’t decide to visit on the Saturday we are there or it will close. Maybe I should send her an email politely requesting she refrain? We return after roughing it in Kruger and spend a week or so. πŸ˜‰ I will be photographing English flowers right and left! πŸ˜‰

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  6. Oh, the sweetness of spring! We had some warmish days and the bees came out of their winter hives but couldn’t find anything blooming, so they hovered around the compost heap with its bright colors of orange peel. I hope they found a bit of sugar nourishment there.

    1. Oh that is sad. You know they do drink out of humming bird feeders, if you accidently let some sugar water spill out they may well find it. They need some help from us these days~

  7. Very uplifting. I keep hoping every morning to pull up the blinds to see some evidence of Spring — today there was snow and bunny poo out my window. Thanks for sharing so much beauty with us northerners — we need the hope that Spring will come — eventually. πŸ˜€

    1. I am so sorry about this endless winter you are experiencing. It must be getting on your nth nerve. Those flowers are building up their passion under the snow though, ready to burst forth with attitude to proclaim that spring has sprung! I am always amazed at the special beauty of blooms in places where the winter is especially harsh! Alaska and Patagonia have the most amazing spring blooms~

      1. That is one of the great things about Spring here. It seems in one day you look about and there has been an explosion of color and buds and green all at once. Luckily until that happens, I have your beautiful photography to life my spirits. <3

    1. I love typos. I’ts a requirement for me, since I make so many of them! πŸ˜‰ I can’t imagine what it would be like not to have swarms of bees. It am so glad you saw some spring bees. What a hopeful sign!

  8. Passionflowers are exotic and beautiful! Love your captures, Cindy! Always happy to see bees, beautiful details, especially the first one! πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve heard of passionfruit but never tried it. In fact, I had no idea it grew like that! Thanks for educating me this morning. You’ve got some great shots here, Cindy — you must not have worn perfume or those furrbees would have been on you instead of these lavender beauties, ha!

  10. Wow!! A fantastic post and I love bees. But your flowers are among the best I have seen with such a quality of light and so sharp!! What kind of camera are you using? Are you using a macro lens? I know it is not the tools but the talent. Just curious though.

    1. The tools make a huge difference. I now have a Sony HX400 which has up to a 1200mm equivalent lens. It’s stability is even more refined than the HX300 which I was using until about a month ago. Thanks for asking~

  11. Bees are our hope! I’ve read sometime ago if bees disappeare Life on Earth is over. Your pictures are promising because the flowers and bees are still with us! Life is still Beautiful!

  12. Zoo mooi! Doet me denken aan onze passiebloem in het bos, daar groeiden ze om de rozenboog voor het tuinpad. Prachtig om hier dwars door het beeld heen zo scherp en bijna echt even de lente te ervaren. Prachtig! (ik hoop dat je nederlands kan..ik denk het wel daarom schrijf ik niet in het engels nu hihi).

    1. Oh je bos klinkt zo mooi! Ik zou graag om het te zien. We zullen in Rotterdam in ongeveer een maand en ik ben te popelen om de tulp festival fotograferen. Nederland is zo mooi! <3

  13. Beautiful. I love to see the bees. We have loads of lavender in our garden, so the whole border buzzes when it’s in bloom. This year, I will plant foxgloves, so the sound of buzzing will increase!

  14. BookOfBokeh

    Those white with green and purple uglies that are so awful that they are stunningly beautiful…they don’t really exist, do they!? I mean you created them in post processing with a neon layer? If not PLEASE tell me their names!!

    1. Laughing……My mom thinks they are ugly too. I love them. We are each unique! They are passion flowers and they yield passion fruit which is yummy eating. Passion Flowers were named for the passion of Christ, although I can’t remember why……..I like how complex and almost mechanical they look, like a high tech flower~

      1. BookOfBokeh

        I knew the name, but not the flower. Truly, they’re stunning, but I doubt they’ll grow in CT. πŸ™ Nor did I know the provenance of the name. Thank you!

  15. LOVELY pictures! I always get excited when I’m out and see bee’s doing their work! Always makes me smile with relief to know our beauty makers are still out there.

      1. I myself have learned not to be scared of bees; they are, after all, more interested in the flowers than in me and my panic.

        I love the passionflowers and their white-hot nerve endings!

        1. That is good. If you are still and quiet around bees, they often accept you. They don’t seem to like sudden movement, loud noises, or disruption from their tasks. But then I don’t like those things either! πŸ˜‰

  16. Love the passion flowers. What kind of camera are using to get such amazing detail? Find this material one time, with Passion Flowers all over it, made a Hawaiian shirt for my son. Coolest shirt EVER!!!!

    1. Welcome and nice to meet you! I bet it would make an impressive shirt. I have never seen a passion flower in fabric but it is a great idea. I use the sony HX400. Love it!

    1. Bienvenido! Hablo espanol y necesito practicar mi escritura asΓ­ que esto es bueno para mΓ­! Gracias por sus amables comentarios y tener un gran dΓ­a~ <3

  17. So beautiful! Let’s keep those bees a buzzin’! Every time I see your pictures I tell myself I’m going to go get the same camera you’ve got! But I don’t think it would work the same for me, Miss Magical Photographer! πŸ˜€ <3

      1. And so you tempt with me with a new camera! sigh… I just don’t know if I would have the patience to always be fiddling with the settings when I wanted to take a photo. By the time I got it figured out, the moment would be gone! HA!

    1. Well yesterday it was 93F and today 94. This is not even close to normal. The Sierra snow pack is almost non-existant, and The Holler is ending it’s second full year of major drought. The small amount of rain we got was no where near sufficient, so the flowers look nice because they are irrigated but many hundreds of unirrigated trees have died and are just there dead. It is sad.

  18. I found myself entranced by the photos and could have watched a film made by you, Cindy. I like how you made bees into furbees, too. So clever and also, adding your great sense of humor to this post!

  19. Oh wow, those passion flowers are something else… If I was a bee, I’d set up shop there and never leave πŸ™‚ Beautiful and sharp photos, just wonder how you so consistently provide us with such photos…

  20. I needed a fix of your beautiful photos. How I love the passion vine but mine does have a way of getting aggressive. It’s a beautiful vine though and I wouldn’t think of getting rid of it – I dearly love the flowers and the way the entire vine throws itself hither and yon. I’ve missed you. Our flowers are just now waking up from an extra cold winter’s sleep. I have managed to get into the garden and made progress. I love the soil. Love to you.

    1. We share a passion for the flora Sheri. I hope you post some photos of your garden because it sounds so lovely with all the wild flowers too! Heading over to your blog to see what’s new with you my friend~ <3

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