Move Over Lady~

We geese are climbing stairs and it ain’t easy for us!
What do you entitled human think?
That stairs are made for you?
Not hardly! We geese have places to go and ducks to see.
What? Now you’re feeding ducks?
What about us?
Silly human, don’t you know?
DSC01369 (1)
Treats are for geese~
Cheers to you from the confident geese, handsome ducks, and cluelessly entitled human.

218 thoughts on “Move Over Lady~

  1. Adorable post, Cindy!

    I love when I go down to the lake, and the seagulls are swimming in with the geese and ducks, pretending “I’m a duck, I’m a goose!”
    Then when the first morsel of food hits the water, it’s pandemonium and the seagull shows its true feathers, gets the bit and takes off.
    2 mins later… “I’m a duck, I’m a goose”! is back.

    • Seagulls are hilarious, rapacious and quite intelligent. There is a fancy hotel near where I grew up. Silver napkin rings went missing for decades from the al fresco tables. The old hotel bell tower was rennovated recently and they found a huge stash of napkin rings in it. Pilfered by the seagulls because, well, only the seagulls know. Revenge possibly!

  2. Glorious post, Cindy. Do the geese get feisty? I usually avoid geese as a rule because they are aggressive. Love feeding ducks, though. All of your birds are gorgeous.

  3. Liebe Cindy deine Fotos sind wieder einmalig schön ganz toll einen schönen glücklichen Samstag wünsche ich dir und sei ganz lieb in Freundschaft gegrüßt Klaus

  4. Not sure about hand feeding the ducks… don’t think I would want to come into such close contact with that duck bill… looks like it could snap off a finger! Really great photos.

      • Laughing— I watch nature everyday, as you do Cindy. Someone is always trying to determine who has the right-of-way. BTW, this isn’t relevant to the conversation but it is neat. The neighborhood dogs howl in unison every morning. It’s quite striking. Recently they have been joined by the wild turkeys that live on our property. Woof, woof, woo, gobble, gobble, gobble. 🙂 –Curt

  5. Hmmm … that looks like kitty kibble! Anyway, birds don’t mind what it is. The robins that visit our front porch have kitty kibble too (including chicken and turkey flavors).

    • Ducks and geese are omnivores. They eat bugs and worms in addition to plants and grains. Robins I imagine eat grains and worms/bugs? Duck and geese pellets are probably somewhat similar to kitty pellets albeit with more grains, but I am no expert and am just guessing here…..

    • Ich bin so froh, dass Sie die Ganse genossen mein Freund! Ich liebe sie , weil sie uns Menschen in unserem richtigen Stelle und lassen Sie uns nicht das Gefuhl zu sich selbst wichtig! Glucklich Sonntag Ernst~

    • Yes it is a white faced whistling duck! Quite a name I know. We saw boobies recently in Channel Islands National Park, two species, one not supposed to be there. Channel Islands reminds me a bit of the Galapagos although I haven’t been to the Galapagos. I hope you go and post your photos of the famous blue footed ones!

  6. Incredible photographs, Cindy. I wowed the entire way through. The clarity is unbelievable! And I agree with Ann that the first goose looks like he is about to step right on my kitchen table. Great post!!! Love, Amy

  7. Oh dear! You have got Wolfie slavering and drooling! Great big fat confident geese….big healthy and handsome ducks… fill the Wolfie belly for many weeks to come! lol 😉 The excitement is overwhelming and self control is proving very elusive all of a sudden! HoooOOOOOooooOOOWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Ohhh the call to the hunt! lol 😉

  8. Clearly you don’t know the password, that always gets ducks to give way. I’ll tell you for next time, so you can stand up for the whole human race of entitled duck overlords. “Foie Gras.” LOL

  9. I don’t think I am really able to differentiate geese from ducks.

    Here in Indonesia, we only have swan goose, which is very obviously different from ducks.

    When I see other types of goose on TV, I usually get confused and say: “wait a minute, that’s a goose? not a duck?”

    • Laughing. They can be hard to tell apart, although their personalities are fairly distinct, goose being more assertive. Swan goose are beautiful. Heading over to your blog now Hari to see what you’ve been up too~

  10. Geese are nice until they poop in your yard,
    Tis the season for us.
    This year we’re going to try a semi-permanent border between our house & the retention pond behind us in hopes that the geese stay out of our yard. We’re not allowed to have fenced in property. So- will see how our low border gets by.

    • Kids see more than adults because they haven’t had to filter impressions yet. I love seeing the world through the eyes of a child! Tell your son I am happy he noticed this! He has an excellent eye for detail~

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