Holler Homecoming Hoedown~

The wild critters seem happy we are back at The Holler. They staged quite the homecoming! Even Wiley E. came out in broad daylight, sashayed by, and winked at me and I have the pic to prove it!
Look how fat and healthy he is! I don’t even want to think about what he’s been eating. He’s not too shy is he?
And what big teeth you have Mr. Coyote! This is a different Wiley. Possibly a Willette. We have lots and lots of Wileys and Willettes at The Holler.
Beep Beep is always content snooping around us. He is a hobbyist human watcher. He doesn’t even pay attention to Wiley E….. Smart Beeper.
DSC00363 (1)
The shy little woodpecker even dropped by to say hello!
After six years I have finally learned to make a credible hawk call. I called, they came. Or maybe they were just flying by. But I think they respond to my call and it confuses the ravens too. They keep looking for the hawk on the ground!
And of course The Holler Hummers. I miss them so much when I am away.
Europe is incredible but they don’t have Wileys or Beeps or Hummers. Wild animals just make the very best neighbors. I like having them on my HOA!
And The Holler? Well it is rural, rustic, and in a horrible drought, but even so, it is awful purty.
Cheers to you from all the happy Holler critters~
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258 thoughts on “Holler Homecoming Hoedown~

  1. By far the best kinds of pets! I am envious of your gorgeous menagerie!! And you really got lots of splendid portraits of them. Everybody in his or her Sunday best, it seems. In fact, I didn’t even know that roadrunners had such color and iridescence. Where have I been all this time?


  2. cindy, your images are always so comforting! it’s great that i’m taking a timeout from most of everything and enjoy a few hours’ respite at this quiet hostal. i love all of the images not only in this but in all of your posts as well. z


  3. As you say Europe may be incredible but we don’t have such beautiful animals around us. Not only do we miss wild animals being the very best neighbours.but such beautiful landscapes you seem to be able to capture may only be found sparely or too far away form living quarters. West Europe, where we can live, looks like a huge city with some green in between. (Everywhere are houses)


  4. Regularly looking at your pictures we luckily can “Cheer” and enjoy your wonderful world. (Though I start feeling a little bit guilty not sharing some of my photographs on my personal site. Perhaps I should also share some pictures from Europe on it, but I have only a small simple camera.)


    • Oh please yes do share your photos! I am an established Europhile. I love Europe and am always fascinated to see photos of different places. Usually the photos sprur me on to visit, so please post. My camera is quite simple too. Not a fancy, expensive one. But photos speak to the heart of the taker. Share your photos, share your heart. ❤


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