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The Holler Spa~

I love The Holler Spa! First of all, they have an all you can eat buffet which I take full advantage of!

You get to swim in the spa pools, for as long as you want!

Few things feel better than being well fed and well bathed.

I especially like soaking my tail, it needs the extra moisture.

I could also use a manicure, but they don’t offer that here, which is a significant demerit.

But, there is nothing quite like a sunny day at The Holler Spa!

Unfortunately, they let the riff-raff in, like this very pushy thrasher.

The even more really-rude-roadrunner, thinks he belongs on the owner’s table!

The snobby goldfinch is so annoying. She is over prized by the owners, only because she scarcely ever bothers to show up here!
It’s a good spa, but the management could use some improvement.
Cheers to you from The Holler spa~

Holler Homecoming Hoedown~

The wild critters seem happy we are back at The Holler. They staged quite the homecoming! Even Wiley E. came out in broad daylight, sashayed by, and winked at me and I have the pic to prove it!
Look how fat and healthy he is! I don’t even want to think about what he’s been eating. He’s not too shy is he?
And what big teeth you have Mr. Coyote! This is a different Wiley. Possibly a Willette. We have lots and lots of Wileys and Willettes at The Holler.
Beep Beep is always content snooping around us. He is a hobbyist human watcher. He doesn’t even pay attention to Wiley E….. Smart Beeper.
DSC00363 (1)
The shy little woodpecker even dropped by to say hello!
After six years I have finally learned to make a credible hawk call. I called, they came. Or maybe they were just flying by. But I think they respond to my call and it confuses the ravens too. They keep looking for the hawk on the ground!
And of course The Holler Hummers. I miss them so much when I am away.
Europe is incredible but they don’t have Wileys or Beeps or Hummers. Wild animals just make the very best neighbors. I like having them on my HOA!
And The Holler? Well it is rural, rustic, and in a horrible drought, but even so, it is awful purty.
Cheers to you from all the happy Holler critters~
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Beep Beep!

Road-runner, Cindy knoke is after you!
Road-runner, this is the best that she’s caught you.
Some of you were interested in more road-runner shots. Yesterday he decided to cooperate, in a road-runner sort of fashion…..I had the best time being toyed with by him as I chased after him to catch these shots. His game is to run, pause with a clear shot for a second, and then hide in Camouflage. Repeat process.
He clearly had a fine time, running me around like a fool. Just call me Wiley C. Here is a sequence, one shot after another.



Road-runners have territories that they patrol and fight to defend. They are immensely curious birds and like to watch what we are doing, especially when we are unaware. Truth be told, they are downright nosey. They make an odd whirring noise when they patrol. It is created by clacking their beak rapidly together He here is a sample (it is not as loud or clear as the real noise):
Road-runners like to eat rattlesnakes, which is another reason I like them. They grab the snake by the tail and bash it’s head on a rock and swallow. I have seen them running with half a snake hanging out of their beak.
Like herons, road-runners look and act as I imagine certain dinosaurs would. Birds are said to be similar to dinosaurs in many ways. Here he is, in the final shot, doing what he does best!
Cheers from Road-runner Holler!