Life’s A Beach in Germany!

Go to Germany to relax at the beach? Why not when the town’s as beautiful as Warnemunde. It is how we decided to close out our vacation.
There are miles of unspoiled beach!
There are sand art competitions.
These two pieces have an early explorers theme, but there was so much more amazing sand art!
There are wonderful restaurants.
Street musicians are around every corner!
Quaint streets with very old buildings are just waiting for you to browse and explore.
Lovely shops are everywhere!
And of course, fabulous German food! What more could anyone one want? It’s a perfect and relaxing way to end our trip!
Auf Wiedersehen and cheers to you from Wonderful Warnemunde~

153 thoughts on “Life’s A Beach in Germany!

  1. Who woulda thought? I never think of a beach in Germany but lo and behold – and it looks like a grand place for a relaxing vacation! Great photos and introductions as always Cindy. Thank you!

    1. I saw nude saunas in Switzerland, but no nude beaches on this trip, although there are scattered throughout Europe and I have been on them before. It’s quite natural and doesn’t seem odd when you are there~

    1. I actually restrain myself quite a lot as I don’t like gaining weight. I eat a lot of stir fried veggies. Plus we walk miles every day, so the weight gain gremlins stay far away!

      1. True. We met various people from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and other countries to the north who liked Spain for sun and fun on a budget. Plus they always mentioned how the alcohol was sooo cheap 😉 We lived in Spain for nearly 4 years.

          1. We lived in Madrid, which we loved, but our favorite place outside Madrid was Galicia. We also had some great adventures in Extremadura, The white villages in Andalucia and Almeria are wonderful. Being desert dwellers, we didn’t spend much time at the beach. We are more into mountains, castles, art, archaeology and architecture.

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos – I wish I were there!

    You’re teeny headshot came up in position #1 on my “shuffle of followers” — my system to check out what others are up to in a round-robin fashion. When I clicked I was taken to your Gravitar profile and I am *still* laughing.

    I was once engaged to a man who lived similarly “out of the way” – our neighbors were cows. I can’t say that it was part of the reason I headed for other hills, but it certainly was not part of the attraction! (A Manhattanite for 20 years, Cincinnati even feels remote to me 🙂 )

    ADD Poster Girl that I am, I think I can only appreciate peace and quiet for so long!!

    Enjoy your trip.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    1. The country life definitely took some getting used to! Surprisingly, a fair amount of Manhattanites have chucked the city for the country life. I have read a lot of books by such and I posted about a woman who was working as a stock broker in the WTC on 9/11. She now lives on an Indian Reservation near here in the way back of beyond and rescues exotic birds. She is completely content! And one of our Holler neighbors, a hollerite, is a Sardi from the restaurant in NYC. So never say never……LOL! Welcome and wonderful to meet you!

      1. Hey Lady – aren’t you supposed to be on vacation?! You approved my comment w-a-a-y too quickly. Are you back already?

        Re: never say never – I think I could have played the wife on Green Acres: “I just adore a penthouse view.” (An exile from sho-biz, I miss Sardis like a lover!)

      2. I posted the Green Acres song on my blog! This is just how I am at The Holler. I wear negliges all day, and drip diamonds and wear feather slippers to chase the rattlers!!!! 😉

  3. I am in Warnemünde regurlarly amd can endorse everything good you wrote on this very lovely piece of the German Eastern coastline. 😀

    I am very happy you enjoyed it well!

  4. Every time you post you make me smile! It’s sounds like you guys are having a great vacation. Beautiful pictures as usual…just the food picture brought be in trouble. Now I have to go in the kitchen and find something similar (good luck). Enjoy every moment 🙂

    1. Laughing, food fotos are killer for me too! Even if I’ve eaten, they make me hungry. And I am always looking at fotos of cakes and cookies, probably because I can so rarely eat them!

  5. Hi Cindy, your photos are lovely!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this tour, thank you so much for sharing. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. You have a very nice blog. 🙂

      1. Just an extraordinary trip. We met up with friends in Helsinki and others in St Petersburg. I woke up to the spires of Talin coming out of a dense fog. Such magical memories of that trip. Would absolutely do it again.

  6. Beautiful beach to end your fabulous trip, Cindy! Thank you for the “real time” posts. Don’t know how you have managed to do it… 🙂

    1. Hey, how wonderful to hear from you Becky! I will head over to your blog to see what’s up with you and your right, travel is now more normal to me than staying home! Cheers my friend~

  7. By the sounds of it you enjoyed Germany… my daughter went and worked there for a while when she was younger… she didn’t want to leave the place…. love your photos…

  8. So that’s where you went, not a bad choice at all! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it so much, it shines through in every wonderful photo, Cindy.
    Auf Wiedersehen! Besuch uns recht bald wieder. 🙂

    1. Laughing! That is my question. We have Africa planned for next year but are up in the air about what we will do in the first of the year, possibly Rarotonga…….so much to do, so little time!!! 😉

  9. Wonderful pics. I added Germany to my ‘bucket list’ long ago. Where is your home, Cindy? I thought perhaps you said it was Belgium, but not sure. Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous photos.

  10. Looking at the beach scene, I thought, wow, the sea is wall to wall sail boats. And then there were the changing rooms, which is something you don’t see on beaches in the US. Seeing the accordion, I heard a polka. Thanks for sharing, Cindy. And welcome home. –Curt

  11. Warnemünde ist wirklich liebenswert und durchaus eine Reise wert. Es liegt fast vor meiner Haustür 🙂 Du hast mit die schönsten Seiten von Warnemünde gefunden. Ich sage stellvertretend für Warnemünde ein großes Dankeschön.
    Liebe Grüße von der Silberdistel

    1. Gut danke! Es ist so eine schöne Stadt in einem Land voll von schönen Städten. Sie sind sehr nett und es ist ein Vergnügen, Sie zu treffen! Vielen danke! 🙂

  12. Good to see these pics dear as before this I wasn’t sure how the beaches looks in Germany and as I am planning to travel in Europe next year hence it a nice peek into the place 🙂

      1. So happy all is well with you my friend. Hopefully the sun will shine for your visit even though we sorely need the rain. The drought is very bad now. Hugz to you my friend and take good care~

  13. Hello Cindy, cool shots from your trip to Europa 🙂 life is a beach when one visits, moving to a place and practicing is another story. I am very happy that you had such a beautiful time and memories. Your photos are proof to it. Love. Wanda

  14. charming town and great way to end the vacay! also- that picture with the 3 children and the striped chairs (?) and all the boats – it is truly a special shot and should be framed – but the whole post was great and glad I was able to stop by. Have a nice week. 🙂

  15. That must be some camera you have Cindy. Your pictures are always so clear and crisp and colourful. And then of course, the photographer does have something to do with it. 🙂

  16. Dear Cindy! Wonderful pictures from Warnemuende. Being from Germany I know Warnemuende and always enjoyed going there. All these images remind me of home. Thank you! Hugs! Veraiconica

  17. Guten Tag Cindy! (I know just a little bit of German.) And, ahhh the food again! Those sand sculptures are amazing, and what an idea to create a multi-layered one with indigenous people watching the explorers’ ships approach. Zehr gut!

    1. Oh I hope you post photos when you go.There is an utterly charming fisherman’s house museum that you must visit. It was several hundred years old and fully furnished. Fascinating!

  18. We enjoyed our time in Warnemunde. We didn’t make it to the beach as it was cool and rainy, but we took the train to Schwerin for a fabulous castle. We got an extra bonus as dragon-boat races were held that day in the middle of town.

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