From Russia with Love~

It is a delicate time to visit Russia due to the crisis in the Ukraine. Wifi is difficult to access.
Check out the interiors of the Hermitage in St Petersburg. It has 22 miles of interior corrirdors!
The Russian Orthodox Church of the Spilled Blood is amazingly beautiful!
The interiors are solid mosaic.
A visual feast!
The Peterhof Palace Gardens designed by Peter the Great, has a channel connecting the palace to the Gulf of Finland.
The Gardens are lovely!
We covered a lot of territory, and I will post some photos of typical Russian homes in the city and countryside when I return to better wifi. Until then, excuse my inability to follow your blogs. I miss them!
Cheers to you from Russia with Love~

132 thoughts on “From Russia with Love~

  1. Dear Cindy, this is one country I still would like to visit for sure, as my father’s family came from Estonia. Just love the Russian culture. Your pictures are awesome. Thank you! Hugs! Veraiconica


  2. I was brought right back my student days when we walked the corridors of Hermitage and had an adventurous week in St. Petersburg! Thanks for sharing these glorious pictures!!


      • Oh…that was a fairly wild trip…we were a social science class from my university visiting our counterpart class at the then Leningrad University. Very different from today’s Russia as you can imagine, but the historic places were the same of course.


  3. I seriously can’t believe you were in Russia with all that is going on with their government hopefully you are safe there and can come home with no problem. I do hate to worry lol but I sadly I am up on current events lol Maybe you know my Russian Watercolor Teacher she goes back each year and runs a tour but then again she is Russian 🙂 Stay safe Cindy


    • Yes, my husband just read a 800+ page book about Peter as we toured Russia, a micro analysis of every detail of his life. He was an amazing architect, world traveler, and intellect. I learned a lot about him second hand!


    • Yes, and with the current political situation, I didn’t know how long it will be fully open to visit, so I didn’t put it off. It was fascinating and I am so glad I went. It a definite learning experience on many levels and wonderful to meet the Russian people who were of course so nice and warm and welcoming. They wanted us to visit again!


  4. Cindy, îmi vine să te îmbrăţişez de emoţie.
    Am vizitat aceste locuri, când studiam la Moscova, într-o excursie organizată pentru noi străinii.
    Doamne, ce bucurie mi-ai putut face!
    Cum să-ţi mulţumesc oare?
    Poate, doar spunându-ţi că-mi eşti tare dragă?


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