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Peace & Merry Christmas To You~

Venice Italy

Strasbourg France

Barcelona Spain

Melk Austria

Cinque Terre Italy

Lisbon Portugal

Strasbourg France

St. Petersburg Russia

Vienna Austria

Dubrovnik Croatia

Santorini Greece

Budapest Hungary

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you from our fragile, precious world~

From Russia with Love~

It is a delicate time to visit Russia due to the crisis in the Ukraine. Wifi is difficult to access.
Check out the interiors of the Hermitage in St Petersburg. It has 22 miles of interior corrirdors!
The Russian Orthodox Church of the Spilled Blood is amazingly beautiful!
The interiors are solid mosaic.
A visual feast!
The Peterhof Palace Gardens designed by Peter the Great, has a channel connecting the palace to the Gulf of Finland.
The Gardens are lovely!
We covered a lot of territory, and I will post some photos of typical Russian homes in the city and countryside when I return to better wifi. Until then, excuse my inability to follow your blogs. I miss them!
Cheers to you from Russia with Love~