København i Solskin~


Copenhagen is beautiful in the sunshine!

The Ny Carlsberg Glypotek Museum built in 1888 has a glorious winter garden.
The architecture and design are stunning.
I didn’t notice the swastika below until after taking this photo. I was appalled and Googled the explanation for this. It was reportedly the logo for the Carlsberg beer company that built the museum in the 1880’s having no connection to the Nazi swastika, instead representing good luck.
The Glypotek has a world class collection of art. The Egyptian antiquities are remarkable. I will post some amazing wooden, painted art from 2700 BC soon!
The museum has an substantial collection of impressionists, including three Van Gogh’s.
The stunning blue Fredericks Church built of marble was founded in 1740.
It’s interior dome is almost blinding in the summer sun!
We are leaving today for Finland and internet will be much more constrained. I will blog and catch up on your posts when possible!
Cheers to you from beautiful and sunny Solskin~

149 thoughts on “København i Solskin~

  1. That swastika symbol goes back a long way, a Celtic, Indian and Greek symbol, and I think even Chinese too. It does look alarming up there on that old ceiling, I think I would have felt the same if it had been my picture I’d taken. It’s amazing how powerful icon images are, whatever ‘we’ associate them with ‘is’ what it means to us. I’m taking a guess the Nazi’s thought it would bring them luck? Obviously not that effective!

    Copenhagen looks like a beautiful place with some wonderful history, thanks for taking me on your trip! 🙂


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