Mélange de Brugge~


It is time to say goodbye to peaceful Brugge. (Please click to enlarge).


Brugge seems to be the land that crime, strife and stress forgot.
The windmills on the perimeter of the old city were built in 1770.
They can be toured, but few tourists did while we were there, which is a shame because they are mechanical works of wonder and a challenge to safely climb!
Although the tourist center is crowded with day visitors, the city empties out in the early evening.
Even in the middle of the day, the streets a few blocks away from the tourist center are mostly empty.
Brugge is full of beautiful old cathedrals,
DSC05857 (1)
and charming old homes built on the canals.
Cheers to you & farewell to beautiful Brugge~

172 thoughts on “Mélange de Brugge~

      1. He he 🙂 I wish them to come to me and make friends with me. Just like Cinderella, sleeping beauty, Snow White, and even the enchanted lady are friends with the animals surround them

      2. If you visit they will make friends with you Yoshiko as long as you speak to them nicely like I know you will. You will feel like you are in a fairytale in Brugge!

  1. Where is this place you’re traveling Cindy?The photos are wonderful, the swans I hope that’s what they are, are gorgeous. The white ones reminds of a time when I was a young ignorant girl trying to make a short cut to home from school and was chased by one of them, I ran and screamed all the way home.

    1. Yes they can be quite persistent “watch-swans” and downright snotty if you cross their territory!!! Plus they are BIG birds!! 🙂 This is Brugee in Belgium. Cheers to you my friend~

  2. Herman

    Glad you had a great time in Brugge. I’ve been there 3 or 4 times, it’s one of the most beautiful cities of Belgium. And of course, don’t forget the pancakes and the chocolate… 😉

  3. It’s so beautiful and quaint. The buildings are lovely. It’s so strange that it’s so empty much of the time. Wonderful photographs. I truly enjoyed them. Thank you.

  4. These are such wonderful photographs that you have shared with us, Cindy! I would love to go visit this quaint and historic town, loved the church, the red edges on windows, and the presence of water along the buildings. Brugges is gorgeous through your lens or lenses, Cindy!

  5. Truly beautiful! T
    The cathedral windows are stunning and the 1770s windmills is fascinating. What a charming town. Thank you for taking us along, Cindy!

  6. Love this comment: “Brugge seems to be the land that crime, strife and stress forgot.” I hope it stays that way. Your pictures are idyllic — scenery that is so welcome after so much international strife in the news this week.

  7. A few years ago I read a book about Van Eyck’s life and I’ve since then been willing to visit this charming place. So, many thanks (twice as many!) for sharing with us these wonderful sights! 🙂
    Hope you’re having a great time and enjoying your vacation!

  8. I have been to Brugge a few times, and I love it. One of my favorite paintings in my home is from Brugge. Thanks for reminding me how lovely the city was and still is.

  9. Thanks for sharing Brugge, a place I have never been to. It looks peaceful and ancient and full of many stories. Your photos, as always Cindy, are spectacular. 🙂

  10. I saw this movie just before we left and thought of it when I toured The Belfry in Brugge. Remember the scene in the movie when the ticket taker wouldn’t let the asassin into the belfry because he was a penny short, after the asassin had sorted out all his change on the counter??? I think this ticket taker man now works in Brussels and I just met him at the bakery. Laughing….. The Ralph Fienes character would have ummmm, sorted this guy out rather swiftly. Still laughing……thanks for reminding me of the movie! Too hilarious……I still bought the flourless chocolate cake and almond croisants. What can I say? Even with extreme rudeness, I am powerless over pastry! 😉 😉

  11. Your pictures and captions are so beautiful. I feel I’m seeing parts of the world and wildlife I might never otherwise see when I view your posts. I don’t often comment, simply enjoy, but feel I have to say what pleasure your images and words bring.

  12. Ah, another place that’s just “for the birds” ! 🙂 Beautiful city…, one that’s on my “bucket list”. Am back home now. Trip was sort of a bummer, but they all can’t be wonderful. More on that later. Beautiful pics, Cuz.

    1. Sorry about the trip but glad you are home safely. Interested to hear more. Hope you do come to Brugge. You will write lots of poetry and paint too and I would love to see this!

  13. I wish to go back now more than ever. So so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your wonderful holiday photo’s. That cottage has Boomdee written all over it. Lovely lace in the windows. A dutch friend once brought me a lace hoop back from Holland, they are to shade the indoor plants from direct sun she told me. Oh my gosh, wouldn’t it be fab to wake up there every morning and watch the swans go by?

    1. The cottages are the canals were so unbelieveably charming and it was nearly impossible to narrow down and pick the photo. Brugge is the sort of place where every photo is gorgeous. Sigh. Miss it already~

      1. C’est la vie! That just means that you will have to make another trip. I highly recommend it is strictly in France! 😉

        Brugge is lovely. It was a bit of a drive from here but well worth it. However, we were on our way to Holland…

  14. Extraordinarily beautiful! I am astounded that in this day and age there are still such lovely places that *aren’t* constantly overrun with the noise and chaos of tourists. It sounds (and looks, here) like a dream. I guess it has to move up my List of places to visit! 😀

    1. Vielen Dank Wolfgang. Ich bin in Deutschland Wurnemunde während ich dies schreibe. Es ist ein schöner sonniger Tag an der Küste von Deutschland. Ich werde bald Bilder posten!

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