Bald Eagle Family on Their Kill!

Check out the bald eagle family on their kill! We saw seven eagles today and I got a lot of clicks. I was puzzled when I came upon a fresh kill site and was looking around trying to figure out who the predator was, when all of a sudden I looked up and realized I was at a eagle’s fresh kill site being stared at by a most perturbed eagle! That’s him above. (Please click to enlarge).
Here is the juvenile. What a thrill to watch him! He was as big as mama.
Beautiful isn’t he?
Here’s the eagle on the kill. There were multiple kills deposited here, fish and birds.

The eagle has landed!
Here is mama and her offspring.

This eagle was outside our balcony when we got up this morning, farther away, but still a thrill!
We are in Egmont Canada where these photos were taken. Internet is via satelite and is extremely slow here so please forgive me for not being able to follow your posts as I would like. I can only squeak out a post when the satelite is beaming it’s rays upon me, which isn’t often! In two days we move deeper into the wilderness, into the Tantalus Mountain Range where the peregrines and bald eagles nest in the highest concentration in North America! We missed the orcas today spy hopping in the inlet.
Cheers to you and may the spirit of the eagles soar directly to your heart, as they have into mine!

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  1. Beautiful photos. Eagles are such majestic birds. I see a bold eagle flying up and down the Rio Grande from time to time, but he never flies close enough to get a good shot with a 200mm lens.

  2. What great shots, Cindy! Eagles are so exciting to spot! I’ve never gotten any photos this good – thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  3. OMG — as thrilled as I am these are one of USA’s symbol – I’ve never had the opportunity to witness them this close — especially a youngster. Magnificent captures. You’ve made my night. 😀

  4. Very brave of you to capture such impressive images. 🙂
    Our national bird is the Philippine eagle. I am not sure if it is similar to the bald eagle.

    1. I have seen it in the wild animal park and photographed it, You should be powerfully impressed as it is a uniquely beautiful, powerful and completely impressive raptor.

    1. First I thought to look around, thinking bear, but it didn’t make much sense since the kills were birds and fish. When I eventually looked up there was this large eagle 20 feet above me, rotating in his head in this jerky way, watching me, that was truly odd for raptors. I think he was as surprised as I was that I wandered into this!

  5. There was a pair of eagles living near the aquatic retreat center where I spent the weekend.,, didn’t get close, but we did get good sightings on the perfect weekend

  6. Cindy, eagles are majestic birds. I get to watch them from the breakfast table when visiting with friends across from Lummi Island. Beautiful shots. Thank you! Veraiconica

  7. Magnificent! These eagles are majestic and gorgeous. Thank you for thinking about us and sharing while you are traveling.

  8. We have a lot of eagles in this area as well because of all the water for them hunt in and trees as well. Isn’t it wonderful to be out of touch of internet? Don’t worry about us. yu just enjoy the beauty the catch up when you return. Thank you for these and I am looking forward to more, when you return.

      1. A couple of years ago, naturalists with the zoo arranged to erect a live feed camera at an eagle’s nest so people could see the eagle sitting her two eggs and then hatching and them growing. it actually proved upsetting because, people forgot they were looking at wild animals, raptors. people freaked because the female, the more aggressive was always “bullying” the smaller male eaglet and taking his food. At one point, she was so aggressive, people worried she had killed it until finally it began moving again. “make her stop” “she’s mean”….it was really rather silly I thought. We are talking about humans where everybody gets a trophy regardless, we’re looking at real life in the real world and real world survival. so they cut the feed. But at the last visual report from the naturalists, the two siblings both left the nest and were healthy and hunting on their own/ This year, they settled on the cheetah cam at the zoo. We had FIVE cheetah cubs born back in the winter and they have progressed well and had plenty of cute factor, even when they played. they are now out of the holding area and in the regular area so people can observe them playing, sleeping, developing those wonderful lope and their facial markings developing. Now that has been amazing.

        1. My son got to supervise a baby cheetah at our wild animal park for a day. He hasn’t stopped talking about it! Incredible creatures and what a wonderful story. I bred parrots as a child and all was going swimingly until the mother up and killed her young. I was devastated and I have seen the coyotes kill a cow in the midst of giving birth so yes, nature can be savage, but it is a savage beauty. Fascinating examples you provided.

  9. Wow!
    I had an experience with a spawning salmon (Sammie) on Vancouver Island many years ago. ….. (shorten story) ……… and the eagle flew up to the sun with Sammie in its talons.
    I have never eaten fish since! “lol”
    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful experience! 🙂 🙂

  10. Incredibly beautiful! More happy travels to you… We’ll look forward to seeing more of your adventures whenever you can locate a good internet connection.

  11. An eagle (real news from India) swept a man to death. Not without reason. He was a construction worker who had cleaned out an eagle’s nest during construction.
    The eagle zoomed down exactly on him the next day, out of all the workers swarming the site and forced him to fall.
    They sure must have a kiler memory…

  12. It is hard to see reality. I had a cat who killed her kittens just after birth. I learned a few years later, because they had been born early, they probably had defects and would not have survived or severely deformed and had a horrible brief life. Who knows. Animals know a lot more about such things than we do and their survival instinct is different. We see eagles along with osprey frequently, hunting along the river. It is beautiful to see them bullet down and then those wings lifting them upward. I have decided, that if I make it to heaven, I want to be sure to visit the cheetahs – along with past pets, and horses….I watch the cheetah cam as much as I can to see them. the babies were so danged cute. some of the feeds may still be on video – Richmond, VA Zoo, cheetah cam, if you wanted to do a search for your son to see. Because of their rareness, public has limited access. It wasn’t until last month they were moved to a public area where they could be seen.

    1. Yes, I feel as you do, the natural order of nature frightens me far less than the so called order of human kind……and I will google the cheetahs at the zoo when I return to civilization! Cheers to you and thanks for the interesting comment~

  13. you are a photographer of the Gods. That’s all there is to it. Blessed with talent and travel and infinite one of a kind timing. 🙂 Your room with a view is spectacular–hence the spectators. Brav-A!!

  14. Wonderful pictures! They are not very different looking than the ospreys we have here, only with more white on the head 🙂

  15. Oh Cindy you take us to some of the most fascinating places, thank you for taking the time to grapple with the satellite to share them with us.

      1. Don’t stress Cindy, I will wait and look forward to more amazing photos when you get home. In the mean time just enjoy your experience in the wilderness and tell us all about it when you get back to the Holla

  16. You have a ton of comments! Wow! I am amazed and so glad I nominated you for a family award today! I am off for breakfast and an arts and crafts fair in the country… Take care and Congratulations!! Robin

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    1. He was definitely not liking me until I moved off his kill pile. Live and learn. Next time you are in this situation remember to stay off the eagle’s kill pile. 😉

    1. I think my friend you might go to the Sunshine Coast. If you go in the shoulder season the already low Canadian prices are even lower. Much better deals than in the US AND there are no tourists and very few people. You get around by rental car and ferry. It truly is remarkable. We are already planning returns to Canada in 2015 this time to Waterton NP in combo with Yellowstone, and if I can figure out the timing, back to the Knight Inlet to see the orcas and grizzlies!

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