The Blues Can Make You…….Happy!

When Samson waves high five at you!
DSC00355 (1)
Or the blue iris start to bloom.
When blue morphos dips her azure wings?
And Samson flashes his hues of blue~
The blue headed lorikeet can do it too!
When Morphos lifts her wings……
These hues will drive the blues from you!
Cheers to you from nature’s beauteous blues~

214 thoughts on “The Blues Can Make You…….Happy!

  1. Beautiful photos. Hyacinth Macaws are interesting and beautiful birds. Their color is the prized blue that gardeners try to get in flowers, and the color rosarians have never gotten in a rose. While I would love to have one of these majestic birds, I have my hands full with our Gold Cap Conure and Eclectus Parrot.

  2. Wonderful shots. I am not sure that it is because of our own mind thinking that these gorgeous birds are smiling at us (or at least me). They look very happy and trying to smile back and that are the magic to see!

    1. Yes!! They are indeed smiling! You can tell this huge difference between happy and unhappy birds. Samson was in full display beguiling me. He would flip upside down, look at me, and come out with a string of words, “Hi!” “How are you?” “What you doing?” He definitely wanted to interact. The lorykeet landed on me and drank nectar from my hand. You are absolutely right! They were smiling!! πŸ™‚

    1. It is hard to find a stunning tropical bird species to impress an Australian. Of course the lorykeet is your native, but the hyacinth is different. So happy you enjoyed and so great to hear from you!

    1. Originally, I planted only blue, pink and purple flowers at The Holler. Except for the roses. But nature had her way and blew in other seeds. Laughing. Still most of the flowers are in shades of blue because I love it too!

  3. I am just enjoying your blues again Cindy, such extraordinary depths of colour, wound through with your poetic words, you have triggered childhood larkspur memories here πŸ™‚

  4. “lol” I pinned your Blue Bird to my “Accessories to β™₯” Board. Now it’s on my “Animals to β™₯” board so I will delete it from Accessories. (I’m smiling at this one!)

    1. You were on my mind today. Maybe a mental message. Honestly I wish you could meet Samson. If he likes you, and he would like you, he goes to town, talks up a storm, flips upside down and asks how you are, gives you high five. It is impossible not to laugh in the presence of Samson. I hope you are well and gotta go see your animals to love board….sounds like a board I would love too! Hugz to you my friend~

    1. They work great!! I like the one also where people all over the world make up their own dances to go with the music. Pharrel saw it and cried. Doesn’t get better than this~

  5. I had beautiful blue hyacinth. They are all but gone now. Now the blues are those little weed florets. But I found some mixed bulbs that I’m hoping to plant tomorrow. I’m not sure if there are any blue in the batch, but while they aren’t – they remind me of poppies.

    You are a dear for reading all of my stories… I hope they are entertaining.
    Hugs. ~Jules

    1. Awwww, you are so thoughtful! Thank you ma deah’….I am honored and most appreciative. By the way your new car is my rockin fav- color!! I remember when you bought it. My favorite car was this color~

  6. “I gotta feelin’ called the bluuuuesss” (old c/w song) Beautiful pics Cindy, and blue is probably my favorite color, closely followed by all the others. Funny coincidence,.., I was out yesterday getting some plantings for the yard (no, I’m not done yet…, just getting started). At the nursery they had six parrots and/or maccaws wandering loose in the building, along with two cats. Your pics remind me of one of the birds (who kept saying “hello” and “I’m pretty”). How ya doin’, Cuz?

    1. I thought they were supposed to say “your pretty,” to encourage sales!!! Laughing. I bet the parrots kept the kitty-kats in proper order! Can’t wait to see your garden when it hits it’s spring-bloom stride and hope you will post. All is well here. Preparing to visit the peregrine falcons as they nest. Woo Hoo!

    1. I am having to struggle with a pinch of covetousness though……I wish Samson were mine! Laughing…..he’s happy in his tree, flirting with select passerby’s and ignoring others. Quite aptly name n’est pas?

    1. Well you know I am entranced by your photos and stories. Glad you got over you collapsed lung fGs! I will go back to Africa and self drive again. Your posts will me on.

  7. β€’Blue is one of the most popular colors, but it is one of the least appetizing. Some weight loss plans even recommend eating your food off of a blue plate. Blue rarely occurs naturally in food aside from blueberries and some plums. Also, humans are geared to avoid foods that are poisonous and blue coloring in food is often a sign of spoilage or poison.

    β€’Blue can also lower the pulse rate and body temperature.

    β€’Consider how blue is used in language: blue moon, blue Monday, blue blood, the blues, and blue ribbon.

    1. Fascinating! I had never heard of the blue plate, but I definitely would be leery of blue food! Interesting the covert meanings we ascribe to colors. Thank you for the info~

  8. I am happy with the blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll.
    With Samson, the bees and the blue flowers, you made me feel like dancing.
    That’s not the blues it is Leo Sayer and who sang the blue bird of happiness.

  9. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    Lots of people have forgotten how to look at nature. We only can be happy such marvellous photographers like the retired psychotherapist/mental health director Cindy Barton Knoke can bring the incredible beauty and richness of the world back onto their doorstep.

    Perhaps because she now can take lots of time and can not be disturbed by cell phones, because they do not work out there where she lives: the outer limits of no-wheres-ville to a home she calls β€œthe holler.” People perhaps also are better to forget their GPS, because it misdirects. Looking at her pictures I can believe you quickly can be taken away far far away in the countryside, forgetting time and other people. Sometimes I even think she got caught up in a paradise on earth.

    I would love she would be one of the persons not minding to share some beauties with us. Because she herself presented herself not yet, I take the liberty to already share and direct you to her pages, where you might find liberating animals, and see where the odd or unusual, becomes something magic.

    Even when she gives us the advice best not to wander too much out there, in heavenly Appalachia in rural California she allows us to have a look at the wonders of her world, which also can bring the peace or the wonders of the creation to others living in cities and other rural environments where weather conditions may not be so nice.
    At her place the people (and their dogs) are kinda twitchy, but they may perhaps be still more connected with each other and with their environment, than by those living in the more industrial and economical parts of the world, where many have lost feeling with nature.

    It looks incredible that she has the blessing to be able to see all those lovely animals. Nice that she can capture them also so beautifully, and bring lovely pictures of woodpeckers, redwing blackbirds, wren, yellow finches, robins, doves, hummingbirds , kestrels …

    Enjoy the beautiful world of the hidden imagination of natural reality, which if people would closely in their garden can be hidden also somewhere there, be it different, but also so magic. …

    1. What wonderful thoughtfulness and kindness! I am honored and very grateful. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit. Cheers and best good wishes to you! <3 <3

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  12. Such beautiful birds, flowers and insects!
    They sure brighten up my rainy day in this town! πŸ˜€

    The blue reminds me of a flower we call as bunga telang. We use it to color our food blue. It’s the same type of blue that makes me happy and smiley. πŸ™‚

  13. I love the juxtaposition of “blues” and “happy.” It goes beyond just happy though. These blues are awe-inspiring! Sometimes, it seems like the blues in nature aren’t as plentiful as the other colors, but you have dispelled that myth. I love these! πŸ™‚

    1. I think you are correct that blues are less prevalent in flowers and plants which is probably why I seek them out! So very happy you enjoyed them and cheers to you my friend~

  14. Those shots are amazing. I can’t tell you how many homes I’ve owned in which I’ve painted the walls some sort of arctic blue…who doesn’t love blue?!?

      1. Absolutely. I received my grandmother’s set of blue/white windmill ceramics from 1800’s Germany, and passed it on to my now married daughter. Full set of flour/sugar/salt/pepper/cookies/vinegar and a few other containers I don’t recall the actual items to store.

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  16. The title and the way you covered this subject were great! I liked the blues in the parrot and the gorgeous ‘azure’ blues in the flowers, too! Each of these could be framed as ‘art!’

  17. This reminded me when I was in 10th grade reading Literature and I learned this short poem:

    I got de weary blues
    And I can’t be satisfied.
    Got de weary blues
    And can’t be satisfied.
    I ain’t happy no mo’
    And I wish that I had died.

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