The Fjords of The Sunshine Coast~

(Please click to enlarge).
We are in a very remote cabin. People may say this sometimes when maybe it isn’t really true. But trust me. It is completely true. This is how our luggage was brought up to our “off the grid,” hyrdo (read river) powered cabin in The Tantulus Mountains.
Our “stuff” was truck-pulled up the funicular (my word), dumb-waiter (my husband’s word) to our minimal-carbon footprint “chalet.” There are a lot of rules to living up here which I will not bore you with, but the place is so knock your socks off beautiful you won’t believe it, and I will post photos of it soon so you will believe it.
I am however chronologically (as well as spelling and directionally) challenged, so I am going to post the photos in consecutive order. For now, check out the spectacular beauty of The Sunshine Coast.
I managed to post these because we left our chalet and drove down the pitted dirt road in the peaks, to go get groceries, where I found a place that actually had wifi! God Bless Starbucks! They really are everywhere and they always have wifi, as well as low-fat Carmel Macchiato latte……ahhhhhh civilization! You don’t appreciate it until you leave it.
This is the view from the place we stayed in Egmont before we commenced “roughing it.”
It is located on the Shookumuchuck Inlet.
The inlet is in a vast wilderness area reached via Egmont Canada.
These rock formations are further up the inlet, viewable by boat, in the Jervis Inlet.
There are bald eagles everywhere!
Cheers to you from our stunning, lovingly constructed mountain abode, in the tantalizing, non-latte drinking, tips of the Tantulus Mountains!

200 thoughts on “The Fjords of The Sunshine Coast~

    • Yes! Canada is a scenic and natural wonderland and a big advantage for any photographer. They should probably have a photo contest in a parking lot of asphalt only. Best photo wins. This would be a true test of talent. I would submit a bug on asphalt and be disqualified or more likely I would miss the deadline altogether……Laughing πŸ˜‰

  1. Beautiful Cindy. Remote always captures my attention. πŸ™‚ In August Peggy and I will be doing a one week Kayak trip in the area out of northern Vancouver Island to visit with the Orcas. –Curt

    • Oh we took the kids a few years ago to Telegraph Cove to boat among the orcas and then up Knight Inlet to commune with the grizzlies. I wasn’t taking many photos then although I have some. It is simply a once in a lifetime experience. Check and see how the salmon normally run over the dates you’re there and take a boat up the Knight Inlet. I would be there now if the salmon were running. Grizzlies will walk right by you to get to the salmon. It is is Garden of Eden up there. Can’t wait for your pics.

    • Thanks for thinking of us. Went through this in 07 when thousands of homes burned and we evacuated. Homes have burnt now and there is a fire and evacs close to the holler (7 or so miles as the crow flies). Deciding what to do now…..With the drought as horrible as it is,the situation for SoCal is pretty dire. Arsonists love the drama and set their own fires. (:

      • I debated for a while before I sent you the message. I remember 07’s fire. It had been dried in SF in spring, don’t know if it got better. Arsonists, sicking!
        TX is crying for rain thought we got a couple inches this week. It’s like a drop in the bucket.

  2. I am amazed at your skills to take beautiful photo’s. Thanks for being my friend here on wordpress, and stopping at my blog. I am 47 going to college and doing security so my days are super busy. Life has a way of changing and your photo with your ladder tells me that I am on my way…to success…finally!!! Big Hug, Jackie

  3. I can see that you guys are really “roughing it”, Cindy…, latte’s and all ! The photos are breathtaking and beautiful…, as I expected they would be. As I’ve said before, there is something magic that happens when you pick up a camera. My last sojourn into the mountains was off trail in the back country remote of Yellowstone Park, down between south Yellowstone and the Tetons, years ago. The only things I had with me were a sleeping bag, pup tent, a fly rod, and some minimal dried foodstuffs. Spent 3 absolutely wonderful days there. I’m sure you and Jim are totally enjoying yourselves there. Why aren’t there pictures of you fishing? Aren’t there any fish in that water??? Have a great trip and be safe. Hugs!

    • The salmon aren’t running yet. That area between Yellowstone and the Tetons has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am rebooking Yellowstone for 2015 now!! Has to be booked so far ahead to stay in the Old Faithful Inn. We are going to drive up to Glacier. I love the wilds too cuz, as long as I can get some latte every once in awhile!!! πŸ˜‰

    • Yes!!! It is nature without the messed up imprints of human ‘Bungalow Bills’. This is where I wanted to retire, but my children were in college in California. In Whistler people are skiing/boarding, in San Diego fires are burning. What messes we persist in making~

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  5. I think I will just say WOW !
    okay and I am envious πŸ™‚
    Beautiful Cindy, absolutely gorgeous…!
    Thank you for sharing your world, I appreciate the wandering vicariously through you
    Take Care You Matter

    • Sometimes I wish I could beam myself to different places on the planet whenever I wish. No planes, airports etc. Like right now I would like some cookies in Alsace! It is wonderful that our imagination and fellow bloggers take us so many places!! You are a joy to me!!! ❀

    • This is up there with the most serene, I agree. Funny you should mention submersion in icy water here. I took my kids here on a previous trip and we rented a boat and my daughter fell in due to my captaining error. As we were walking with her dripping up the dock she said, “Do you think anyone will notice?”

  6. Good post. Fjords are simply gorgeous – yet another manifestation of the beauty inherent in Nature. I was lucky to have visited one in Norway – it left me speechless.

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