I Hear Lake Water Lapping with Low Sounds by the Shores….


I hear it in the deep heart’s core- William Butler Yeats

(Please click to enlarge).


We are spending the holidays with our family at pristine Lake Tahoe in Northern California.


Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America.


It is the second deepest lake in America, reaching depths of 1,645 feet.


It is known for it’s pristine clarity.


We are in a draught now in California, and although there is snow, there is not the typical 8 or so feet of it closing roads and making the lake almost inacessible.


The lake views in winter are particularly beautiful!

Perhaps the truth depends upon a walk around the lake- Wallace Stevens


Cheers to you from Lake Tahoe, the skiing/boarding is not optimal, but the lake is purely divine!

135 thoughts on “I Hear Lake Water Lapping with Low Sounds by the Shores….

  1. You know, it’s funny Cindy. When I think of California I think of Sunny beaches, congested freeways & Florida type weather! These last two posts of yours have been real eye openers for us & shown us a whole new side of California. And since it’s our dream to move to Washington State, we can truly enjoy the beauty of a state that has similar landscapes!! Truly magnificent~ 🙂


  2. Oh Cindy, thank you so much for all these wonderful photos. You fill our hearts with energy and beauty. I do love lakes, and of course these serie has touched me a lot. Here is a poem to thank you – in french – hope you dont’mind, I will post it on my blog today – for you! 🙂
    Kind regards and thanks again for SHARING. FGM
    (When I need inspiration, I just have to look at your blog 🙂

    Qui sait voir les beautés du monde
    Voit la Beauté du Père
    Il envoie en ce monde
    Ceux et celles qui le pourront

    Pour mettre au coeur de tous ses enfants
    Un peu du baume qu’il nous faut
    Pour essayer d’être meilleur
    Et de venir à Lui le coeur pur et léger

    For Cindy


    • Le poème est si exquis! Il capte si bien ma philosophie de vie. Je suis rempli de gratitude pour votre gentillesse et votre appréciation pour votre talent! Merci beaucoup pour cette gentillesse extraordinaire! Hugz a vous je vous remercie beaucoup. Votre bonté m’encourage! ❤ ❤ ❤


      • Chère Cindy, c’est exactement la même chose pour moi, je crois que c’est la magie, la joie et le miracle du mot “sharing”. Je suis simplement émerveillé par tous les trésors que les bloggers partagent. It is so inspiring. I think it’s because all that come from the depth of our hearts. You kindness encourages me too so much! Keep in touch 🙂 love! FGM


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