Barn Owls, Holler Hawks in Flight & Happy Holidays to You!



We met this barn owl in Antelope Valley California. (Please click to enlarge).


He was rescued due to an injured wing and lives in a California state park named Velasquez Rocks (more on this park later).


His name is Scooter and he is cared for by the Park Rangers.



The Holler Hawks have been flying closer lately!



Sometimes quite close over my head which is a big thrill.




They have figured out I am not a threat to them.




I can identify different hawks by their missing feathers.



The best way to see a hawk of course is in free flight!


Sending wishes for the Happiest of Holidays flying your way,


From South Lake Tahoe!


151 thoughts on “Barn Owls, Holler Hawks in Flight & Happy Holidays to You!

    • I am getting a barn owl box when I get home. The county gives them to you if you agree to maintain it. The owls return each year and I am excited to see the hatching process. I hear them calling all the time. You can even get them with a camera in the box but this I won’t do………unless I find a read deal and read up on it! Cheers to you Sarah~


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