Where Gliders Dare~

We started down here with a plan to drive up the mountains you see reflected in the lake, on an unpaved forest service road, to an infamous hang-gliding drop-off point, on Mount 7 in Golden, Canada.
Views above the tree line on the way up.
The drive up took a couple hours.

Finally reached the summit. Quite a view, even on a cloudy day.

The kinda place where you don’t want to accidentally put your rental car in drive and lurch a few feet forward!


Informative map showing wind directions and where not to land i.e., “Don’t land in the Canadian Pacific switching station.” No s@#% Sherlock! (Click to enlarge and read map).


Memorial to two hang gliders who didn’t make it.


Just a few steps to the drop. Gave me the heebie-jeebies to just walk out on the platform!


It’s a very long way down!

Even on an overcast day, I’m sure it is a beautiful ride!

78 thoughts on “Where Gliders Dare~

  1. WOW! Beautiful photos! I used to be afraid of heights, but now I’m just absolutely in love with it, I would of probably walked to the ledge and gone on my tummy to get shots πŸ˜€ why on earth would they build a platform that goes out like that though?

    1. I’m curious how did you cure your acrophobia? Normally that is a hard one to conquer. Good for you! Getting on my stomach would have been a great idea. I didn’t think of it. It would be less scary and more stable and you are right, it would have been an awesome angle. Too bad you weren’t there!! πŸ™‚

      1. Crazy enough? I got over it since i started working at the local arena where there’s a catwalk way up high, which was only three feet wide and about 5 inches thick.

        After walking along it a few times I got used to it and not long after that I took up photography, been in love with the view i get from that moment on πŸ˜€

      2. perfectly awesome….exposure therapy & distraction and you did it yourself…..exposure walking on the catwalk, distraction taking photos……someone should write it up!

  2. Have you ever heard of an old Chinese myth about Hou Yi (the archer) and the Ten Suns?

    It was said that there used to be ten suns long time ago. They are the children of the Eastern Golden Emperor.

    Everyday, their mother took them to a lake located at the end (or was it “edge”?) of the world. It was said that she bathed the ten suns in its cold, icy water.

    As freezing as it is, the lake water could not put off the flame of the suns. As blazing as their heat was, the sun could never dry up the lake.

    That was how their mother trained the suns to not dry up the sea – or died in it – when they sank into it every evening (that was how the old Chinese folks explained sunset phenomenon).

    Anyway, what I really want to say is that the first photo made me wonder if the lake at the end of the world looks like this. πŸ™‚

    1. that is truly beautiful! what a wonderful series of images to pass through the ages! i completely fell in love with these reflective lakes in Canada. i found just otherworldly too! beautiful as always my friend~

    1. Thank you! The light was actually awful, a gray overcast day, which is why I didn’t post these sooner…not as crisp as I would like, still had to go with the drop off and views.

    1. i was so impressed by this biologist recently who fashioned a motorized hang glider with a air fan (like in the airboats in the everglades) and used it to fly with the condors in the peaks of the Andes!! woo hoo!!!

    1. It’s a surprising fact that many people engage in activities they are actually afraid of as a way to gain mastery over the fear, so good for you!! I am mortified of public speaking and it became a centerpiece of my career……did it all the time for bigger and bigger groups. Never was not nervous before hand…….

      1. Well, in my case, it didn’t work. I started and ended as fearful as before.

        Public speaking never really bothered me, not sure why. I know most dread it. Perhaps I had enough fear of heights to make up for the lack of fear of public speaking…

        Great that you turned it into an asset.

  3. stunning views…I don’t have a fear of heights but I do have a motion/balance issue that would make it difficult for me to be there…it is wonderful to see this through your eyes!

  4. I used to see a lot of hang gliders flying off the Sandias. The air currents allow the gliders to stay up for really long flights by cruising back and forth on the updrafts coming off the face of the mountains.

  5. Breathtaking! I surely would not be on the platform! Oddly, I fear heights, but not when I climb trees. Maybe because I have something to hold onto? Don’t know. Maybe a bucket list thing to hang glide, maybe. πŸ˜€

  6. A beautiful post of amazing views and what looks like an amazing journey, i found that your mirror mountain river looks amazing even when u turn it upside down πŸ™‚

  7. what is that slant to the ramp all about!! I couldn’t walk out on that–no way, no way!!–but that slanting ramp is super creepy!!

    the pictures are just epically beautiful, Cindy. You cannot take a bad picture, i believe. Truly at the height of your field.

    1. And so are you my talented one! Yes I had to “screw my courage to the sticking point” to walk out on that platform! The slant may be to push off of when you jump so you go upwards, not downwards!!!

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